5 Aug 2011

Home alone 1

Hello Loveys!

Welcome to Day One of my holiday home alone. I'm so full of plans and anticipation!

The skiers managed to get away at 10.00 this morning. Right on time. (You can tell which of us is the more OCD.) The smaller person was beside herself with excitement. The bigger one was pretending to be controlled and sensible and grown-up, but you didn't have to be very clever at body language to realise that he was pretty happy as well.

After they left I had to make the first big decision of my holiday alone: Should I stay or should I go (in the immortal words of The Clash)? I decided to go.

So now I'm in Melbourne in front of the telly. I'm watching Poh cooking whole fried snapper with preserved lemon salsa with Neil Perry whilst munching on the absolutely delicious dinner you see in the pic (taken with my phone, sorry) above. To me, a meal like that is as good as it gets - deliciously ripe French Brie, a pear paste, olives and crackers with a glass of champagne. Sublime! My Beloved would need a steak. Personally, I think that would mean that I couldn't fit in enough cheese. Hachez Cocoa d'Arriba chocolate and a short black for afters. Surely that covers all essential food groups?!

Day one included, of course, a visit to my first second hand book store for the holiday, Woodend Bookshop, where my haul included nice copies of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm by Kate Douglas Wiggin and its sequel, More about Rebecca, along with an absolutely delightful book, Spare Time by Herbert McKay. I'll tell you about the latter, later, but let me tell you, it is a wonderful book. Woodend is also home to the lovely indie bookstore, New Leaves, where I grabbed a copy of Markus Zusak's The Book Thief to read this week. This book seems to be found on the Young Adult shelves, but it doesn't look very young to me. I'll let you know my thoughts later in the week.

Also on the bedside table this week is a book I've been planning on reading for quite some time - The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino. It's a crime novel set in Tokyo, and I was basically sucked into purchasing it when the publisher released the first chapter online. Since the death happens right in the last line of that chapter and you know 'who done it', I couldn't leave the mystery of how they get away with it (or not) unknown now, could I? I wonder if you're stronger than I am?

My very vaguely nebulous plans for this delicious week include lots of sleep, lots of reading, lots of yummy food, some wonderful videos including Departures, Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai, Van Diemen's Land and the controversial Walkabout. I plan to visit as many second hand bookshops as I can fit in, and a few new book stores as well...that is shops of new books, not new shops.

Finally, I plan to blog. I'm feeling really out of touch with you all. Did you know that it is a year since my dear Dad died? I don't seem to have had much time to talk to you in all that time. Add to that the flood and its aftermath and then the last 14 weeks of full time admin work, and my poor peaceful blog has been really neglected. So has my blog visiting. Sorry.

I am so appreciative of those of you who continue to drop by. I even have some lovely new followers, which is very gratifying, and I thank you for your support. What I am sad about though is that I no longer have the wonderful chat in the comments that used to characterise A Peaceful Day as something special. I so miss my community of gorgeous girlfriends - where are you all?

Anyhow, this week I plan to go some way towards rectifying this. I hope to chat to you about my schedule for this coming term, as well discuss the things that went well and those that went not so well in the last one. I want to talk to you about parlour games and vicarious sin. Only not in the same post. I would like to update you on the floods as well, only I don't quite know what to say there - nothing is happening really. I want to show you my new knitting project. Mostly I want to reconnect with you all.

Perhaps you could help me with this. If you are new here or if you just lurk, I'd love to know who you are and a little about you and your family. If you blog, send me your link so that I can come visit, will you? If you're one of my dear old pals, do write and say 'hi'. I miss your chatter so much!! Finally, perhaps you can let me know what you would like me to write about this week. Do you have any burning questions about flood recovery or Ambleside Online or MEP or Australia that you think I could answer? Is there anything you'd like to correct me on, or something you think I should know by now?

Sadly, I don't look like being able to stop work for a while yet. I am training a new girl though, so we'll wait patiently and see what transpires.

In the mean time I'm going to enjoy every single minute of this holiday. Day one home alone has gone swimmingly. I'll let you know how tomorrow turns out when it's done.

Are you jealous? What would you be doing if you were me? Do tell.


  1. Oooooh! Your first day home alone sounds marvellous. I look forward to reading whatever you are inclined to write about. Have a lovely, lovely week!!

    I always do love your posts, but usually have to snatch a quick glance in between moments of demand, which are most moments! Sorry this doesn't often stretch to time for leaving a lovely comment, but I think them, even if I have to hastily close the window before I tap out a reply.

    If it was my week in this situation ... I'd probably have started at the library, then nibbled less classy but equally appreciated snacks whilst reading, uninterrupted, without guilt, for hours and hours. Perhaps a walk in the sun beachside, and a long bath (with a book of course). I'd spend a day cleaning, doing the jobs that never get done. Time online, reading blogs and curriculum reviews, ordering some too-tempting books (like the new Life of Fred elementary series). Perhaps even complete some long-neglected sewing projects or, gasp, a dabble in writing or art!!!!

    The footy's over, so that's my cue to bid you goodnight.

  2. I'd like a week's vacation with you, since you seem to know how to do it right. Perhaps I'm just out of practice? I haven't had a week to myself since my first child was born over seven years ago.

    I think that I might have to change that, at least for a day. Perhaps Peter can take the kids to my parents' house while I bury my face in some greasy Pad Thai and spend and afternoon at my favorite bookstore. You're living the dream this week, my dear!

  3. A week off! Amazing!

    I have joined your blog because I am trying to do a CM education for my six, with much Australian content. I would love to share ideas for this endeavour.

    I'm so appreciative of your reminders about Storm Boy, A Little Bush Maid, and so forth, books that I read when I was young but I had forgotten about. Have you got a copy of We of the Never-Never, and The Little Black Princess? I wonder if that is potentially an Australian History book for year 5 or 6. Then I also wonder what you think of Jackie French's history books.

    Anyway I will be visiting regularly. Have a lovely holiday.


  4. I'm not sure I'd like a whole week to myself - a day or even a couple of days in a row if there's catch up inbetween but a whole week... if there some spare time I think I'd add some bushwalking and/or garden visiting and then some actual gardening too.
    Since it suits you - have a wonderful week.
    I would enjoy the dinner though - just make those crackers GF. and a steak for my hubby too.

  5. ... also "On Our Selection" by Steele Rudd, I think ... have you looked at that?

    We self-published a book on my grandmother's life (she has lived her life farming in Yanac, Victoria) and now I have set that as Australian History reading for my kids. It's not of a high literary quality but it is important to me!


  6. Pear paste? Brie? Champagne?? Heaven! And a week alone... I'd be beside myself. And you've some lovely things planned, Jeanne. I just finished reading a book I really enjoyed, State of Wonder, by Ann Patchett. You may want to add it to your to-read list; we often like the same things. May blessings abound on your little "holiday," dear friend!

  7. Oh, goodness. I love an honest mother who loves her husband and child, but will love every minute of some off-duty time, too! Have to admit I'm a little envious of all the second-hand book shopping! :)

    Burning questions, since you asked: Do you incorporate timelines with AO? My 8yo dd isn't ready for BOC, but last year (before our switch from MFW to AO) we really enjoyed a fold out timeline as well as simple notebooking pages. Last year, we had only one page per 100 years, but I think with the more concentrated study of the middle ages, we'll need more. What all do you put on the timeline? Everything or just from the history spines? Do you use notebooking pages at all? See I told you...burning questions! But I really value your opinion since you were the first one from whom I ever heard anything about AO!

  8. It is wonderful that you get this time of rest...I am really looking forward to some more posts on your homeschooling journey. I would love to know how you use Spelling Wisdom, do you repeat the same quote a few times until Jemimah spells every word or do you move on, or do you do three at a time? Just interested! xxx

  9. Love your meal for 1, enjoy your break :-)

  10. Day 1 of your holidays sounds great. :o) I do like the idea of book hunting.

  11. The Brie looks delicious! Enjoy your week off.

  12. I am green with envy.

    Oh, hang on. At least, I would be, except that is clearly such an uncharitable feeling that perhaps I am feeling something else and it just seems (remarkably) like envy. ;)

    Hope you enjoy. :)

  13. I've been away from blog land for a while and just catching up....so glad to see you enjoying yourself after all you've been through:( I do have burning questions about flood recovery, though I enjoy all your posts, I do really really want to know how you are all rebuilding your lives and your home after the flood (if you are able to share it with us).
    enjoy your home alone time.xoxoxo


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