4 Aug 2011

Three very special songs

Generally we sing folksongs by theme. Maybe a term of English songs for Daddy or a term of Scottish for Parsie. One term before a holiday we learned songs of Japan. Many terms now we've concentrated on Australia.

This term, though - our final one of AO4, I've decided on something different. This year I'm going to teach Jemimah three very special songs.

Song one is I Dream of Jeanie. Only in my family it is spelled Jeanne. This song was sung at my 21st - and at my wedding. It is sort of my theme song. For obvious reasons. I'd love for my daughter to love this song as I do.

My mother's song is Maggie. We sang it at her 50th birthday. And at my Dad's funeral. I'd love Jemimah to love this song too.

The final song for this term is my grandmother's favourite - Danny Boy. We sang it at her 90th birthday. I think we sang it at her 95th as well.

Each of these songs bring tears to my eyes. They make me feel really close to my family. They bring back really special memories.

After the flood I mourned for the memories I'd lost - our photos, Jemimah's drawings, my precious textiles. I used to think of myself as a memory keeper. Recently, though, I've realised that my family role is not that of memory keeper. My job is memory creator. My job as my daughter's mother is to ensure that when Jemimah is grown, she looks back on her childhood as one filled with security and fun and love and good times. My job is to teach her about God, to read her great books, sing terrific songs, have picnics, and holidays and wonderful meals. My job is to create new traditions and to follow the old ones. My job is to teach her about family.

These three songs are really special to me. This term I'm going to make them special to my daughter as well.

Do you have a theme song? Have you shared it with your kids? You should, you know.

I'd love to know what it is too, actually. Do share.


  1. One song that I have shared with my children is Bobby McFerrin's 'Don't Worry Be Happy'. It was one of my Dad's favourite songs. As my Dad died a long time before they were born, it is special to me.

  2. As you know, Star is very ADD; I can't sing,But when Star was very young I taught her the counterpoint to Meatloaf's Paradise by the dashboard light as an exercise in concentration. We always sang it in the car going round & round until Star got lost! lol And the aria to Queen of the Night ~ which Star loved & used to sing to show off! Can't say we aren't eclectic. ☺

  3. Oh Jeanne! You made me cry! I often think of myself as the memory keeper since I scrapbook and no one else does but how much more marvelous is memory creator? I'm going to put that on a little card in my windowsill to remind me. Thanks!


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