15 Sep 2011

Going for a walk

I guess ours is not the only homeschool to suffer total hissy-fit-melt-down. Today is was over George Washington's World. If England won the war, how could they become a huge Empire on the very nextest page? Why would Spain care about a rock? (That was Gibraltar.). Why did the Royalists want to live in French speaking Quebec? Who cares anyhow?

There's not much I know of that can prevent an episode like this becoming a huge loud battle of wills between strong willed mummy and her even more strong willed progeny except getting out.


Which is what we did.

We turned right. Without speaking to each other. By the first intersection we were holding hands. By the horses we were talking. Tersely, but definitely communicating. By the llamas we were narrating the story. True.

Or were they alpacas? The long necked ones. Ah yes, Llama-long-necks.

By the time the mamma magpie started swooping us we were shrieking with laughter. Then with fear. We ran along past the Driver Ed Centre where we recovered our breath.

Then we turned for home. She narrated George. Excellent. And correct. And It Couldn't Just Happen. Again. Much better. And Baby Island by Carol Ryrie Brink. They were all great narrations.

By the time we reached home we were ready for maths.

Crisis averted.

Sorry there are no photos. In a melt-down situation there is no time to grab the camera.

Shame really - that maggie was kyoot. Now it is, anyhow.

Jemimah's pretty kyoot again now as well...


  1. lol Another few years & it will be, "I know what you're trying to do ~ & it won't work!. Star swears she's not risking getting one just like her! ☺

  2. We ARE just alike. LOL. This is the guaranteed way to help my children over a crappy day. It is pretty much the ONLY way to get a twelve-year-old girl talking. :-)

  3. That is a good one. I'll try that again when the weather becomes a bit more sensible. Ugh! For now I just send the lot of them out and let the smoke clear all by myself in the resulting quiet. Extreme humidity can work wonders on a child (or four) who wants nothing more than to get back into the air conditioning. :o) I really should get out with them, though, and I will again... oh, around mid October.

    I kind of miss the magpies. They're all over in Kyushu, but we don't have them up here. I'd trade our huge, scary crows for a magpie or two!

  4. Thank you so much for your inspirational blog. I just tagged you for a homeschool meme! Please play!



  5. Thank you for making me feel normal! This post made me smile so much. xo

  6. Thanks for tagging me, Glory. Unfortunately, I can't comment on your blog :-(

    You'll find my answers to your meme here:


  7. You have Llama in your neighbourhood...cool! I learn a lot over here Jeanne but I thought I was pretty up on the Aussie lingo. What is this "kyoot"? Cute? Happy? do tell!
    And have a good weekend. I have tried to contact a few times but we keep missing one another.

  8. Hi Ruby, that was just a phonetic cute. It sounds like kyoot I reckon! Those llamas are kyoot too!!

  9. LOL - I had to re-read "kyoot" a couple of times before I twigged that it was "cute". :o)

  10. Nice conflict resolution. We had a lot of good talks over "It Couldn't Just....." Tell Jemima she'd hate our history textbooks far more the GW's World.


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