19 Oct 2011

Too many 'oo's

I happened to mention on FB yesterday that we were off to Wooroonook Lakes for a picnic.

Which we were.

Which lead my friend Sue to comment that there were an awful lot of 'oo's in Wooroonook.

Which there are.

Which leads me by necessity to C J Dennis and the following poem.

And so this, Sue dear, is for you:

Here's a ridiculous riddle for you:
How many o's are there in Woolloomooloo?
Two for the W, two for the m,
Four for the l's, and that's plenty for them.
I write about C J Dennis' excellent Aussie classic A Book for Kids 'written for children over four and under four and eighty' here. You can read it online at Gutenberg here. More than you'll ever want to know about Woolloomooloo is here.


  1. Love it! And I thought Mississippi was fun. :o)

  2. Funny! I'm off to check out your link - LOVE it when you post about books!! Mel x


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