26 Oct 2011

Cousin Itt

Jemimah at the hairdresser yesterday.

And that other Cousin Itt...

There is a definite resemblance there, me thinks...

Who else loved the Addams Family?


  1. WOW! What a lot of hair! :)

    I used to watch the Addams Family years ago lol...haven't for a long time :)

  2. Wow, her hair is gorgeous!!!!!! My first thought is Rapunzel. Absolutely gorgeous.

  3. We have the entire series on DVD. Bought on E-bay. Last year's Christmas surprise from Mr. Fixit.

    (Are you really, really surprised?)

    (And yes, Jemimah's hair is beautiful.)

  4. Love the hair. My girl's hair was just about that long when I gave it a trim a few weeks ago. I had to keep cutting to get all the split ends and the result was a much shorter cut than I wanted. And to make matters worse, daughter declared that she loves it short (middle of back) and wants it that way always.

  5. whoa! I can't believe how fast her hair grows! We must be a little mal-nutritioned around here...

    How much did she get cut off?

    Speaking of haircuts, I need one.

    Feeling a little rambly...


  6. Serious hair on that girl! I was in the Addams Family generation. We just plain loved it--and love it still! The original New Yorker cartoons of them are still better, but....sure beats the old Batman show!

  7. you've done well to let her hair grow so long, I gave up and had Rebekah's hair cut quite a bit a couple of months ago (too much screaming while brushing) !!!

  8. Wow, I was very surprised to see that her hair was that long. Very beautiful.


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