7 Oct 2011

The final countdown

We're on it.

The final countdown.

Week 31 of 36.

I've arrived at that place that strikes every year about now where I'm desperate to be finished school and on summer holidays. Even if that does bring Christmas and the Silly Season with it. (Sorry Ruby.)

Of all the times, this is not a good a good one for Jemimah to be ill. I am so not willing to take a week off right now. Especially since she had last week off for Junior Camp.

So we've sort of hobbled through. A bare minimum week.

It's cruel isn't it? If she were a school kid she'd have had the week off with no qualms. As it is, though, she's worked every day. Even after two nights of three hours sleep each. We've been tired and grumpy and still she's worked. Just so we can be finished and on holidays. Crazy really, isn't it?

Our week has been just the essentials - devotions, our readings, copywork and maths. We've ticked off the things that we absolutely need to finish this week and left all the rest. We probably could have done less, but there's little nicer than snuggling together and reading books when you're ill, so that's what we've been doing. History - tick. Geography - tick. Grammar - tick. Literature - tick, tick, tick. Book by book we've done them all. Which has been satisfying. We even managed to do nature study by observing the lovely little Blue Wrens that are living just outside our study window. They are offended by the other family that lives just inside the glass, and all week they've been attacking their reflections. So funny. So sweet.

And so now on Friday evening I can say that we've finished week 31.

On Monday there'll be only 5 weeks to go.

The final countdown continues without disruption. And that is good.

Better, though, is the way we've been able to make the curriculum fit the circumstances rather than the other way around. We've finished the work with no stress and no angst. Which is just the way it should be. Especially when you've been ill, but always really. After all - that's why I homeschool - so I can tailor the experience to my daughter, not to squeeze her to fit a one-size-fits-all curriculum.

And so she's worked all week whilst she's been ill, yes. But in name only. And that's not so crazy after all, is it?

And here's the song that is probably stuck inside your head about now:

Still pretty good, isn't it? Love that hair...


  1. La la la la la la la la (sticking my fingers in my ears) there is NOT only 5 weeks left - there can't be! I'm not ready. I am no where near where I'd like to be with my 3 boys. *sigh* oh well....at least I got to enjoy that great classic 80's song. ;)

  2. Five weeks! *long deep sigh*
    No big trip to Vic this year. At least eight weeks to go here (this being the first of term 4 for us) With all our time off and upheaval we should probably work through to X, er, my birthday. Can't see that happening. The heat has started already. We shall see.
    I really hope J. is feeling a lot better very soon.
    Have a good weekend.

  3. sorry that she's been sick, hopefully, you stay well, because for us when mommy's sick it's a whole lot harder to keep on! ;)

    we're at the opposite end! we're only a bit late over here in regards to school... I *think* we'll be starting y7 on monday though. heheh. I don't feel ready.


  4. We just did week 6 here. Next week is a mid term week off. Then we'll have another 6 weeks before we are finished. 6 weeks doesn't seem very long. Slow and steady wins the race, and we too have our eyes set on the end. :o)

    Yes, we ended up having 12 weeks for Term: 4 this year.

  5. Hope she's feeling better by now! I always dread the kids getting sick now that they're back in school. Missed work for me and the limits on sick days at school are drastic for high school.

    Maybe you should make some of the dark hot chocolate I liked to today? That has to make anyone feel better, right?


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