5 Oct 2011

Just a catch-up

Hello there, folks!

Well I must say it is nice to have time to sit down with a piece of Banana Cake, a nice cuppa Earl Grey and have a bit of a chat with you all.

Thank you all for the good wishes on my birthday. It was a lovely day. My sister hosted a marvellous AFL Grand Final Party for the family during the day, and even arranged for the Cats to win, which was very clever of her indeed. Blue and white hoops abounded; pies and sausage rolls made an appearance along with more sophisticates fare; and a close game guaranteed that a good time was had by all.

My beloved and I dined in the evening at Ezard, our favourite restaurant while Jemimah stayed with my mum. We are always most spoiled by the fantastic staff at Ezard, and this time was no exception. The free French champagne helped as well!

Since then Jemimah has been ill with a virus that she and a number of other children brought home from Junior Camp. She's been febrile even to the point of delirium on a couple of occasions, and has a nasty rattle to go with it. Bleugh. Grannie blanket has been getting a good workout during her cold times. They're interspersed with the stripping-off-to-the-bare-essentials times that follow in quick succession. Poor sweet thing. She's been really brave.

She cuddled down on Sunday afternoon to watch Caesar and Cleopatra. Unusual fare for a 9 year old, possibly, but that's what a CM education does for a girl. We've also taken the opportunity to catch up on some great books - Mary Norton's The Borrowers Afield and Return to Gone-Away by Elizabeth Enright. Both are sequels; both are fantastic. We've been reading The Rescuers by Margery Sharp at bedtime. I love this book - do you know it? Jemimah's also been reading a Famous Five title - Five Run Away Together, I think. Maybe not though - they all blend into a same-sameness after a while. You've gotta admit - Enid Blyton thought up some great books, even if she used a rather simple sentence structure and the plots all blend together. Jemimah loves them, as did I at much the same age. Twaddle's a bit like Banana Cake, I reckon. Okay in moderation.

Speaking of Banana Cake, here's the recipe we use. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

It's even better with cream cheese icing:
300g icing mixture
1/2 cup cream cheese
50g butter

Beat the icing and sugar till light and fluffy. Add the cheese and beat till well combined.
Yum. I could eat this on its own...who needs the cake?

Well, actually me. Especially right now. I need all the comfort energy food I can get.

I do wish you could grab a cuppa and come join me. That would be especially nice. I'd even share my cake with you. You do that for friends.

Mmmm. Cake.


  1. That sounds like a nasty virus. Tell Jemimah we hope she is better soon and if not she needs to see a good doctor!
    The boys watched the AFL Final with their B-I-L and their new nephew.

  2. It's so lovely to hear from you, but very sorry to hear of Jemimah, we will be thinking and praying for a quick recovery for her! That banana cake looks delish...I can't have my cake and eat it now! What a great birthday you had! xxx

  3. Love all the Miss Bianca books--she's the most Charlotte-Masonish of mice. Hope Jemimah is feeling much better soon.

  4. lol We've had the virus. You may keep it. Bleurgh! One day you & I are going to find ourselves in the same space & the speed at which our tongues will wag are likely to scare the population! God bless, my friend.

  5. Get well soon! Happy reading!

  6. So sad to hear about sweet Jemimah, though! Prayers for a quick recovery. We LOVED both Gone-Away books here, and Tiny Girl really enjoyed The Borrowers. Is the sequel as good, then?

    If I were there and we were sharing your cake, I'd eat the cake part and let you have all the frosting. That's how much I love you, which is saying a LOT since I adore cream cheese frosting. But it IS your birthday (or near enough to count, anyway).

  7. Hi, Jeanne. It sounds like you enjoyed a beautiful birthday!

    Thanks for stopping by the blog. I know it's not terribly exciting for someone whose children are older than my little ones.

    Thanks for sharing all you do here!

  8. MMMmmm, I love carrot cake and especially cream cheese icing! One day I'll pop in for a piece and we'll carry on to the USA for the next Living Education Retreat!

    Hope Jemimah gets well soon!

  9. Yum! banana cake, love it! and now that the prices of bananas are going down it's time to enjoy all things banana again!
    sorry to hear about Jemimah, please tell her we are wishing her a speedy recovery.
    Ron watched the finals with Rebekah, I pottered around (sorry I'm just not into it) :)
    Your name was mentioned by me around here when the cats won though :)


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