11 Apr 2012

Not an Anatomy Field Trip

Hello, dear bloggie friends, How are things? Are you still on holidays? Are you well?

I am fit and well. Which is good, because I am the only one in our Peaceful Home that is. Jemimah has a broken toe. She broke it before Easter getting dressed in the sitting room whilst watching telly. Which you do, when you're 10 and on holidays. Well, she does.

Anyhow, Bad Mother that I am, I just hugged her when it happened and told her to go and get her copy of DuBose Heyward's 1939 classic, The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes, and I would read it to her. As if being cuddled and having a book read to you would heal a broken toe. She even needed to go and get the book herself. Bad mother. Bad mother. At least I managed to get the book read before Easter, though, which made me happy. Priorities, and all that.

Fortunately, Mr PD proved to be the perfect foil for Bad Mother by being Good Father. He strapped her toe, and poured her some Panadol as well as giving her a cuddle. He also organised for us to visit the x-ray place, which we did yesterday, and where we discovered that Jemimah's sore toe was an undisplaced oblique longitudinal mid-shaft proximal phalanx fracture of the right fifth toe - which really just means a broken little toe, but sounds much more impressive.

Whilst at the x-ray place we managed to have a bit of a guided tour and to have a chat with the radiologists as well as the radiographer who took the films, so I am sure we could call it an Anatomy Field Trip if it were not the middle of the school holidays. Especially since we are studying Anatomy right now. At least Jemimah was able to identify and name the bones in her foot, which impressed the radiologist, and made me feel a little bit proud to be her mum.

Mr PD also discovered whilst at the same x-ray place that his sore knee was a parrot beak tear of the right medial meniscus. Impressive sounding, isn't it? So he is poorly as well.

Anyhow, whilst at the subsequent Orthopaedic Surgeon's appointment, we had the opportunity to learn more about knees and menisci and joint pain than we had ever before needed to know. We were able to look at and play with anatomical models and to look at how the clever doctor planned to fix Mr PD's knee. (Later Jemimah and I know watched this video: http://www.flickr.com/photos/medilawtv/6580476621/. Now we are even more intelligent and knowledgeable about such things.)

This afternoon Mr PD is having arthroscopic surgery to fix his sore knee with a fancy name. And Jemimah is hobbling around because of her sore foot with a fancy name.

And I am fit and well. Which is good.

I am not good with sick people. I know.

Bad Mother. Bad Wife.


  1. Ha-haa... When my Falcon was 5years old he fell off a chair and lay on the ground whimpering. I thought it was all part of their (the childrens) game so ignored it. 20min later he was still whimpering. I went and actually looked at it and made a fuss- only to realise it was badly broken!!! He spent that night in surgery having it fixed. Bad mother.

    My oldest dd dislocated her thumb a few years ago- look at her x-ray- it makes me squeamish:

    Poor Jemimah. My hubby had a broken toe... that would be very painful and make mobility a little more difficult. It might only be the little toe but they carry a lot of weight.

  2. Are we sharing our worst "Bad Mother" stories today? Well, there was this time........

    Actually there have been lots but one time I left my teenage daughter in charge of her two brothers while I went to an appointment. When I came home one of the boys had gashed his leg (jumping over car parts in the back yard) and was in Accident and Emergency having it stitchesd Poor daughter had to deal with blood, flesh and ambulance officers. Bad mummy forgot to take her phone!

    Hope Jemimah is healing and that your hubby's procedure goes well.

  3. When Lid broke her collar bone she wanted everyone to ooh & ahh over her x~rays. Bad mother threatened to burn them so no~one had to look at her insides any more. And when she split her leg open to the bone it was Lid sticky~beaking at her insides while Bad mother threatened to pass out cold on the floor.

    I don't do well with sick people either. They should all get well quickly without help fom me! Hope for your sake the sick ones are well soon.

  4. Thanks girls. You are making me feel better.

    I would make a terrible nurse.

  5. At least she broken it now and not in winter, it's far harder to get a broken toe into shoes . Have a lovely rest of week, hope it hasn't been too cold in your part of the world.

  6. Ha-haa, I can see our children in a few years. There'll be a bunch of adults all complaining about their tough homeschool mama's. :)

  7. There'll be a buch of homeschooled adults forming *Children of Blogging Mothers* to get over the trauma! lol

  8. Oh, that would be sensational. I can see the headlines:
    *Children of Homeschooling mothers left to suffer while mum blogs!*

  9. Been catching up on all your posts...the bones in your closet one made me laugh! :) Sorry about your daughter's foot. OUCH!


  10. Jeanne, so sorry to hear of everyone's (except you) orthopedic issues. I know they are well on the mend, thanks to your tender ministrations. (Ahem.)

    Ruby, I had to laugh at your children-suffering-while-mom-blogs comment. My kids would agree wholeheartedly with that! :-)

  11. When I was eight I broke my wrist. I went crying to my mother, she gave me a glass of water and told me to go outside again to play saying it would get better soon. I ended up in plaster for six weeks. Sometimes Mothers make mistakes. It's part of the territory.
    You are a great Mum, you can't be good at everything. God gave Jemimah a Dad too.
    Thanks for your recent planning, songs and scheduling posts,.
    You know I love those especially
    Louise V.

  12. I was going to leave a serious comment, feeling bad for you all with your mishaps until I read the comments and started giggling; bad bloggy friend me :)

  13. wow just a little touch of hypochondria me thinketh!!!
    Did the dose of radiation change the management?

  14. Nope, not one whit! No hypochondria, either. We wouldn't have had the x-ray done if we weren't going there anyhow for the MRI, but since we were it seemed a good opportunity to see what was going on.
    Generally broken toes will heal without further treatment, provided the fracture is not displaced as my daughter's proved to be. Had there been some movement, though, it would have required manipulation to get it back into position.
    Is there any reason why you had to be so scathing with your comment? No wonder you weren't willing to sign your name to it.

  15. Some people!!! Sorry you were left this comment from this anonymous person Jeanne! hope Mr and Miss PD are doing better today.

  16. Thanks, Joyfulmum. Did you see I answered your question in today's post?

  17. oh have you! I better go and read it then:)


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