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Ramona reminds me of me.

Posted by Jeanne

Ramona Quimby is one of Jemimah's very best friends. Jemimah has a doll called 'Chevrolet' because Ramona has a doll called 'Chevrolet'. Jemimah is naughty, but Ramona is naughtier.

Jemimah is also friends with Ralph S. Mouse, Ribsy and Henry, but it is Ramona who is her very special-est friend. Jemimah says that that is because Ramona is even naughtier than she is - and she loves the fact that she never ever gets away with it. Just look at the toothpaste in the sink incident, she says, to know what she means.

Jemimah says, "Ramona reminds me of me."

Jemimah can relate to Ramona, and that's just what Bevery Cleary intended. Apparently when she was at primary school, her librarian recommended that she read books to which she could relate, and when she becan to write herself, she tried to write in a way that did just that.

Today is the wonderful Beverley Cleary's 96th birthday, and tonight we are going to begin Dear Mr Henshaw, her 1984 Newbery medal winning novel.

Jemimah hopes it is as good as Ramona.


Rebecca Newman said...

Quimby. :-) I remember loving Ramona, too. I really understood her yearning to pull every tissue from a new box, and the toothpaste incident, and the decorating of the Q in her surname. But I think actually I was more like Beezus ...

Jeanne said...

Oops, yes. Fixed now!!

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