23 Jun 2012

10 favourite desserts

This is for Joel. Because she asked. Otherwise I wouldn't have written it because...well...because I don't really do dessert. Bad mummy. Mostly we'll just have a little piece of chocolate and a cup of tea. Occasionally a bowl of ice cream or a snack sized Cornetto or Magnum. Sometimes a piece of fruit.

If I do make dessert it is generally because we have guests. If you've ever visited chez moi, you probably ate one of these:

  1. Chocolate Self-saucing Pudding with ice-cream and cream.
  2. Pie and cream. Mostly apple; sometimes apple and blackberry.
  3. Lemon Delicious Pudding and ice-cream.
  4. Banana Split with nuts and chocolate topping.
  5. Jemimah's Fruit Crumble and custard and ice cream. Mostly apple; sometimes apple and rhubarb or apple and blackberry.
  6. Golden Syrup Pudding and ice-cream.
  7. Rice Pudding with fruit.
  8. Ice-cream with homemade hot fudge sauce.
  9. Strawberries macerated with cointreau or raspberries with coulis and the ubiquitous ice-cream.
  10. Clafoutis - mostly raspberry; sometimes plum or peach or something else.
  11. (Crunchy Pudding. In brackets because this is Mr PD's dessert speciality)


  1. Here's what I'd like when I come to visit: numbers 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10. Just choose whatever you're in the mood to make. One of my favorite desserts: dark chocolate cake (or cupcakes) with salted caramel frosting.

  2. I wish you would come to visit, Ellen.

  3. Sara lee has been my dessert savior many a time:) wre not bad mummies are we:)

  4. I had to look up 10.Clafoutis. I think I would like it with icecream...☺

  5. Glad I asked, Jeanne. Thanks for posting your list.
    In a house with five children, two of them being very keen cooks, we canNOT get away from dessert - it is very hard for a trying-to-avoid-sugar mum. Here is my list:
    Lumberjack cake (warmed) with caramel sauce and cream
    Cherryripe mudcake dusted with icing sugar with whipped cream
    Apple and blueberry crumble, icecream and cream (you know I was always taught it was bad manners to have both cream and icecream - alas, we are all very bad mannered in our house)
    Self saucing pud with C &/or IC
    Toblerone or Blackforest Cheesecake
    Homemade fruit cinnamon bun
    pancakes and C &/or IC, lemon & sugar, etc
    custard, plain or choc
    Lemon Delicious pudding with cream
    Chocolate brownies


I'd love you to leave me a message. Tell me what you like - and what you don't. Just remember that this is what we do in our family - it doesn't have to be what you do in yours...