22 Jun 2012

Liberty puzzles

Hey, I know I've raved before about these sublime wooden jigsaws from Liberty Puzzles, but I couldn't resist sharing pictures of these two. Aren't they beautiful? Don't you absolutely need them or else your efforts at homeschooling your kidlets will be a total waste of time? Aren't they totally an absolutely compulsory part of your geography curriculum?

Okay, okay, I exaggerate. A little.

Even if you can't justify the expense of one of these lovely maps for your homeschool year, I still thought you might like to have a look at them.

Totally swoonworthy aren't they.



  1. Nice.....but yeah, not sure they'd be on my list to buy though.

  2. Totally swoonworthy! You had me at the words 'wooden puzzles'. :) And then I did the dangerous thing of following your link and saw puzzles that feature the paintings of Georges Seurat, Vincent Van Gogh, and the like. I may have to stop reading your blog, Jeanne! You know far too much about far too many interesting subjects! ;)

  3. They are totally gorgeous. My wonderful husband buy me one of the Japanese ones for Christmas every year. I just adore them. I just adore him as well.

  4. I absolutely can't live without the last one. Here's how America-Centric we are. I was 28 before I saw a world map that didn't have the USA in the middle and Asia spit in two............

  5. Oh Jeanne!! Look what you've done! PUZZLE ENVY grows in me as I type!! They have my very, very favorite painting ever as a puzzle!

    A Sunday on La Grande Jatte - $105.00

    by Georges Seurat

  6. Lovely maps.

    I find it fascinating than on U.S. maps, the United States is usually in the middle, on European maps, Europe is usually in the center, and on Japanese maps, Japan is usually in the center.
    And then there are the Australian/New Zealand maps where South is at the top. I find those very cool.

  7. Actually, most Aussie maps have the south at the bottom where it belongs. We do have Australia in the centre though!


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