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Posted by Jeanne

We're off to see Macbeth on Saturday night. Want to come with us? There are still tickets available if you do, and we'd love your company.

The video makes it look like a pretty modern production, but our experiences of Bell Shakespeare have been extremely positive in the past, so I feel sure that we will enjoy this production as well.

This week we're getting ourselves prepared. We've reread Lamb's retelling of Shakespeare to reaquaint ourselves with the story, and Jemimah and I have been reading through the actual play. We've even acted our parts of it using our Shakespeare finger puppets. The witches are the most fun, of course.

For us at this stage Shakepeare is what you see performed. No doubt in the future we will study the plays as literature, but right now we're just enjoying the bard for what he is - an exceptional writer of clever - and often very funny- plays.


Bright Eyed Girl said...

I've been wondering when to introduce my children to Shakespeare. Macbeth is filled with such adult concepts. How old is your daughter and how do you approach this?


Have a lovely night :)

Jeanne said...

Jemimah is ten. We've never been to a tragedy like Macbeth - Saturday is a first for us. we have seen Romeo and Juliet, but that is a comic tragedy as it were. Generally if Shakespeare is acted by a traditional company the inappropriate bits will be sufficiently veiled to not be a problem for our naive daughter. It is when companies modernise the plays that we have found problems arising.

Pam... said...

Sounds wonderful. I was just looking up Shakespeare plays near us yesterday and didn't come up with anything at this time.

Bright Eyed Girl said...

Oh that is very interesting Jeanne. I'm glad you replied to me. What would you say would be a nice and comfortable introduction to Shakespeare for my 7 year old and 11 year old? Id love to hear/read your opinion

Jeanne said...

One of the comedies - Much Ado About Nothing or Comedy of Errors is my recommendation for a first play for youngsters. That or A Mid Summernight's Dream. That one is often acted in parks over summer, which is fun.

Ruby said...

I would love to see a Shakespeare play. #345 on the bucket list!
I can't help smiling to myself at some of the interesting Anonymous comments that have been coming through from your blog! ;-)

Charlotte Mason in the City said...

I'd love to join you, but the commute is a bit long, lol! Enjoy the Scottish play!

Silvia said...

Good for you! Have fun and tell us how you liked it.

Jeanne said...

Which interesting anonymous comments! Eh!

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