10 Jun 2012

Bullet points

Some things I've been doing:
  • Watching The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants on the telly with the fam. It was pretty good for a chick flick.

  • Eating spicy Thai food with my family whilst viewing aforesaid film and drinking champagne. Perhaps this is why I enjoyed the movie. Maybe.

  • Booking a trip to Europe in September with my mother and brother and sister. Imagine Provence in Autumn...I am. Mr PD will have sole parental authority of his daughter. He is already sweaty palmed over this.

  • Preparing our family business for an Accreditation Visit and passing! Yay! You cannot believe what a huge relief this is. It is also the reason for the dot point post. Now maybe I will have my life back.

  • Giving my beautiful touchy- feely daughter lovely back scratches. She purrs like a kitten.

  • Having a crisis when the clothes drier broke down and falling in love with the wonderful repair man. Then falling back out of love when I discovered that it wasn't really fixed. So frustrating.

  • Attending the Australian Ballet's production of Let's Dance. Sublime as usual. Dinner at Cafe Vic was delicious too. I had a fantastic chicken pie; Mr PD chose the steak; Jemimah settled for a big bowl of soup. And a bowl of fries. And a soft drink. At least the soup was healthy.

  • Celebrating my lovely nephew, Prince Oh's 8th birthday. Where has the time gone? Happy Birthday to a delightful young man. We love you.

  • Visiting the marvellous Mesopotamia exhibition at The Melbourne Museum and being totally blown away by the sublime lion reliefs and totally irritated at John Faine calling the Tower of Babel a myth over and over again. Doesn't he realise how arrogant that is?

  • Enjoying a three day weekend to celebrate the Queen's Birthday. Sleeping in. Bliss.

  • Reading some fabulous new read alouds including The Borrowers Afloat, Michael Faraday, Father of Electronics, Puck of Pook's Hill, Tom Sawyer and Gully of Gold. This is such a great selection - we are loving them all.

  • Apart from the above we have been doing school, going to work, cleaning the house, doing a bit of baking, watching trashy telly, buying birthday presents, celebrating at the pub, spending time with my mum and sis, going to church and otherwise just living life. It's no wonder that we're enjoying that sleeping in deal really, is it? What have you been up to?


  1. Assignments ~ while playing games [& chatting about theology] on FB! ;P Glad some of us get to sleep in & go to the ballet. lol

  2. Lovely life snapshots, Jeanne! A trip to Europe with mother & sister?! One of the top things on my wishlist...how exciting for you! I'm in the midst of end of school year stuff and busy summer stuff...upcoming camping trip, hosting a 5 Day Club here at the farm and just keeping my head afloat with everyday things. I did take a small break yesterday to finish up Green Dolphin Street by Elizabeth Goudge...I just LOVED it. I wasn't sure as I thought it started our a bit slow, but I was reeled in by the beautiful descriptive language and characters...it also gave me a lot of food for thought, especially in regards to being a wife and mother. I certainly hope that my husband and children don't "tip-toe" around me...

    Anyway, plans for today: church, nap, maybe I'll listen to my IPOD while on the riding lawnmower and a roast w/potatoes, onions, & carrots in the crockpot for dinner.

    Happy Sunday from Midwest USA! :)

  3. What a great long weekend you have had! My parents have been in town for the weekend which has been lovely. Today my husband has his first day off in 13 days and we are off to the coast for brunch or lunch and just a nice drive. We come back this arvo to catch up with my oldest brother and his children and then we will watch the footy and relax! xxx

  4. So much happening! Europe!!!! Fantastic, is this your first time in that direction?

  5. Lovely goings-on there, Jeanne! I had a wonderful time reading about them all.

  6. I like the idea of going to the Mesopotamia exhibit. Not sure if I pull it off, but I'll keep the idea there just in case I can make it a possibility.

    Paris - I think it will be lovely.

    While you're dealing with a dryer, we've had our washing machine pack it in. My 9.5 kilo washer packed it in. Repair man coming Wednesday. Hubby is currently at the laundromat.

    It's just school as normal for us here. Making good progress with it all. Next week will see us having a week off. That shall be nice.

  7. Jeanne, we loved the Mesopotamia Exhibit too, and also were annoyed at the Tower of Babel babble - they have the date wrong (why don't these historians read the OT?) Wasn't the fine sculpting on the reliefs just amazing?
    Have you been to Europe before? I went over 25 years ago now and I am still waiting to be able take my children, LOL.


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