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Attention Victorian CMers

Posted by Jeanne

I wonder whether any of you are familiar with Laurie Bestvater's Book of Centuries pictured above.  It's a beautiful leather bound version of the museum notebook kept by Charlotte Mason's students, and described in detail in this PNEU article by Mrs Bernau.

Laurie wrote about her investigations into what this Book of Centuries might be used for in two blogposts on the CLUSA website -
The Book of Centuries Revisited -  Part I
The Book of Centuries Revisited - Part II

The notebook is used for drawing museum artifacts primarily, although photographs in books - and indeed on the internet - can be used as well.  It is what Miss Mason meant when she talked about a Book of Centuries - not the timeline book that we've also been using instead.  Oops.

I'm going to place an order for two of these books - one for me and one for Jemimah - early next week.  They're US$40.00 each for the bonded leather version, plus postage of US$16.95 each.  Laurie says that she could post a box of five to Australia for around $10.00 per book.

Is anyone interested in placing a bulk purchase with me?  The only constraint is that if you are interested you will need to be able to collect them from me in Northcote, Melbourne or else I think that you will find that most of the $6.95 saving is swallowed up by Australia Post.  At least I'll  get to meet you!

Anyhow, I am going to place an order on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.  If I hear from you beforehand I can add your requests to the order, otherwise I'll go it alone.  I reckon they look great!


Renelle said...

If I lived closer I would order but like you said there is really no point. I was looking at the Book of Centuries from Simply Charlotte Mason but the postage is more than the book. I would like to get something really nice and leather bound so I'll have to think on it. This one though is at the top of the list though!

Jeanne said...

I think this is the only one that is similar to what CM recommended.

Bright Eyed Girl said...


Sarah said...

I'm very tempted to say count me in, but I have other book of centuries for my children. But I would like these. Ok, I would like 2 please!

Jeanne said...

So are you saying yes, Sarah?

Louise said...

I am very interested. Are you getting the cloth or leather cover? What about the pen too? Are you getting one for yourself?

Louise said...

Sorry Jeanne. I became so excited I didn't read your post properly, apart from the pen all the answers are in there.
I'll order 2 of the leather bound books. Let me know how to pay you. What do you think about the pen?

Sarah said...

Yes please! It's a yes! I was wondering about the pens also, are they worth ordering? How would you like me to pay?

Louise said...

Did you place the order? Do you need payment yet?

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