11 Jul 2012

Van Gogh iPad app

Laurent Anholt's Camille and the Sunflowers as an iPad App. Pretty cool, huh?

I am still awestruck at the way this new technology is evolving. Are you?


  1. Ok, that is pretty cool. :o)

    My girls just did a Van Gogh - Starry Starry Night yesterday. Serious.

  2. Awestruck am I, too. I bought my iPad just before we went away, and it still amazes me how much I use it each day. I never suspected it would be so much fun for me personally, as i intended to use it more for reviewing apps. But fun it is! Oh, and educational of course (cough!)

    I've just been having a big catch up read on your blog. Re the art post. You can make art on the iPad without mess. I wonder if that would help? Like you, I am not artistic, but I do love to mess about and there are apps for that!

  3. I like VAN GOGH 180+ Retina:


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