29 Aug 2012

Do you care about Parabolas?

Now this, my friends, is truly Living Maths.

You can see the rest of Vi Hart's YouTube Channel here. Just fantastic.


  1. Wow!!! DD7 and I sat transfixed ... Vi Hart is to me, like a modern M.C. Escher. Her Infinity Elephants are cooler than a chocolate paddle pop. I wish Escher had made You Tube clips too. Thanks to your reminder, I'm adding Vi's channel to MY curriculum for this Semester :)

  2. Love this video Jeanne. Thanks for linking to her youtube page. I am going to subscribe to it.

  3. Its very useful video on parabola.Parabola,ellipse and hyperbola are some special figures which formulas are totally different than other plane figures.

  4. Amazing. Thanks for linking to it.
    Enjoy your trip.
    I'm off to Icons on Friday with Lucy.


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