30 Aug 2012


We had the tree loppers in today to remove the huge gum tree that was overhanging Jemimah's cubby.  I was quite sad it had to go - large trees are so glorious, and this one shaded and cooled the cubby beautifully, but alas it had grown at a huge angle seeking the sun and it leaned dangerously  right over the playing space. It would have caused disastrous, potentially catastrophic damage if it had fallen, and as it increased in height it also increased its lean.

You can see how large and gorgeous it was here.

And here from the other side of the garage you get some idea of its angle.

Before it disappeared Jemimah took advantage of carving her initials into its truck.  Doesn't every kid want to do that?  I know I certainly did.

The lopper himself. He was so good with small girls and silly dogs and eager photographers as well.

The dangerous bit. The cubby survived without a scratch, albeit a bit more exposed than before. The garden didn't fare quite so well, but plants have to be sturdy in the Children's Garden. They'll recover.

It was fascinating watching how they removed the tree in pieces, first using a long handled chain saw and later by attaching a rope to each section and cutting it away from the trunk piece by piece.

 Hmmm, I'm sure that if I think creatively enough I could count it as school somehow. What could I call it?  Environmental Sustainability? 

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  1. You can file it away under General Knowledge. That should be the hefty file that all our incidentals live in


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