26 Oct 2012

We're done!

Even though we love school, there's something pretty special about that moment when you realise that you're finished for the year, isn't there? For us, that day was today. This picture is of Jemimah just about to begin her last maths sheet for 2012. As you can see, she's pretty happy about that.

I'm excited too. We're on holidays now until the first week of January. How far away that sounds, although it will whizz by, no doubt, as holidays always do.

We don't have many plans for our break as yet. We're heading off to Daylesford for a few days on Thursday, which we're all looking forward to very much, but mostly we plan to just loll by the pool and swim and read through our lovely book stacks and eat lots of yummy summery food and knit and just recuperate for a while. I'll need to do a bit of work, but not for the first few days. Blogging is on the horizon, too. A few of you have asked what our favourite bits of AO5 have been, and which were our highlight book picks, so I'll write a bit about that. I also want to catch up on a few outstanding Aussie book reviews and talk about a few things we've been up to is the past year that has been AO5. Imagine - when we return in January my baby will be in Grade 5 and will be doing AO6. Where has the time gone?

Tonight Jemimah has a girlfriend here for a sleepover and takeaway Thai food to celebrate. I don't think the fact that she is on holidays has really sunk in yet, but it will soon enough. The two girls are currently dancing along to their iPods, which is rather sweet. Both are a bit overexcited. I can't see much sleep happening tonight.

Now that I have a bit of spare time, I should be able to catch up on a few blogs. Do I know about your blog? Do I comment? I'd like to. If you'd like me to read your blog, and I don't already, do leave me a link in the comments. I'd like to get to know you and your family better.

Right now, though, I'm going to drink a glass of champagne with my Beloved. Jemimah is not the only one celebrating tonight. Cheers!


  1. Congratulations on another year well done! Enjoy your time by the pool while we're starting to get cold toes over here. :o)

  2. Hurray for you both! Enjoy your vacation. And yes, cold toes here too, with colder coming.

  3. How wonderful! Congratulations to Jemimah and her Mummy for another year. Look forward to reading your book reviews. :)

  4. Let the holidays begin. :o)

    My girls are a bit burnt out in the bookwork department so it shall be lovely to see them get "bored" over the next 8 weeks. LOL

  5. Congrats on another year! Eek...lolling by the pool with books sounds DELIGHTFUL! :)

  6. Oh, well done! I think we're finished too - although, that wasn't exactly planned.... But with moving interstate, we're focussing more on real-life experiences these past few weeks!

    Enjoy the pool - and once we finish this move, I'm going to enjoy relaxing by our river - a whole river in our backyard - how exciting is that?
    Enjoy the holidays!

  7. Good job! Enjoy the vacation!


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