6 Nov 2012

And last is...

A little bit of humour to recognise the Race that Stops a Nation.

Apparently there's some controversy over whether the name of that horse is Beetlebaum or Feetlebaum. In my opinion it's the former, since that's what my mum always says, and she is clearly right. On the other hand, Professor Feetlebaum was a character in Spike Jones' shows, so you never know. Well, I know, but I'm biased. You can have a listen and make up your own mind.

Does the Melbourne Cup stop things in your home?  It doesn't around here, to be truthful, but I am hosting the Melbourne Club edition of our book club tonight, so things are looking a bit Spring Carnivalish around here anyhow.  May the best horse win.


  1. Haha!we always said beetlebomb!

  2. Definitely Beetlebaum. No, life doesn't stop for a horse race round here either. And I'm not hosting anything. I'll be lucky to make it to the end of the year.


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