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Hilda Rix Nicholas

Posted by Jeanne

A few years ago we saw an exhibition of Hilda Rix Nicholas's paintings at the Bendigo Art Gallery, and I can remember being astounded that such a wonderful Aussie female artist was not better known.   Our favourite piece from the exhibition, pictured above, is actually owned by Bendigo's gallery, and we always go and visit it when we visit. We feel quite proprietorial over it actually, and woe betide any curator who chooses to move it from its usual position.  It's called In the bush (1927), and the light in the piece is just glorious.  The painting is a characteristic Rix Nicholas, depicting the life and people of our great land. Hilda added a women's touch to those typical pastoral scenes by adding the people , men and women, that lived there, worked there, died there.  In doing so, she helps us to know more of the character of the Australian bush.  She helps us to better see what life was really like. 

I was excited to hear this morning that now, finally, this great Australian artist is being remembered with the publication of a new book of her art.  It is not before time.  Have a look at this ABC video report of the book.  It sounds great! 

I'm really impressed with the recent publications by the National Library of Australia.  I seem to be finding myself directed to their website quite regularly, and the quality of their offerings is excellent. 

Here's hoping that in their capable hands Hilda will finally receive the recognition she deserves.


Carol said...

I heard about her for the first time when the ABC did that report last week. Love the colours in the painting above.

Joyfulmum said...

Thanks for introducing her to me:)

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