18 Nov 2012

Sunday fellowship

There is little we love more that Sunday lunch at my mum's with my siblings and all my delightful nieces and nephews. Good food, great company, and lots and lots of laughter. Family is just so special, isn't it?

A barbecue outside in the lovely spring sunshine made a delightful day even better.

Sausage anyone?



  1. Totally agree...good company, good food, family is so special. Warmest wishes, Renelle

  2. That looks delightful. Today, I am home from church with a sick little girl. But she is excited and inspired to feel better with 2 big brothers, a sister-in-law and a fiance coming in a few days for our Thanksgiving. That food really does look yummy!
    From joy to joy,

  3. yes, absolutely! that food looks yummy too:)


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