20 Nov 2012


This might just be the hardest jigsaw I have ever attempted. Just sayin'.

If you want to be a masochist, it's the exquisitely beautiful Map of the British Empire in 1886 by Liberty Puzzles. It is actually very fun, but oh. so. frustrating. Do you like jigsaws? Would you like to be puzzling over this one with me? Have you ever used puzzles for map work or picture study? It works really well, because you spend so much time poring over the subject. Shame I've done more of this one than my student.

Right.  Back to it.


  1. They look delightful, but I'm not a big puzzle girl! My Mum on the other hand LOVES puzzles and has always done them. She would love these. :)

  2. Yes....& no. ☺ I like doing them but I need them set up somewhere where they won't be disturbed so I can pick away at them in odd moments ~ never going to happen in this house. Always do at least one when I visit my mum though....

  3. Wow what a neat and beautiful puzzle! But no, I don't think I'd like to work on that one :) I mean, I like puzzles but we lose way too many pieces of puzzles- they never get completed.

  4. Looks like an awesome puzzle~!! Not sure how I would go with it though. Looks challenging. :o)

  5. Oh. My. Word. And Tiny and I were so proud of our 500-piece puzzle we put together this summer! I found that I ended up doing a bit more than she, but we both worked hard. Miss Priss put in a few pieces, too, but puzzles are not really her thing.

    But nothing beats that Ah Ha! when you finally fit a piece that's been frazzling you, does it?

  6. That does look like an amazing puzzle. I like the part of puzzle-making when I am about 30 pieces from being finished and everything speeds up. :-)


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