12 Dec 2012

On procrastination

So here's the deal. Today I'm supposed to be organising the Staff Christmas Party.  It's here on Friday night.  That's two days away.  Yep. The thing is, that the forecast is for rain, which means that instead of a relatively simple but magical evening around the firepit in the garden, the party will need to be inside.  In the kitchen.   Which we haven't had repaired after the floods, and is consequently no place for guests.  And so it's all getting too hard, which is why I'm procrastinating and talking to you.  Hey, I know people will be understanding, they're a really great bunch of wonderful folk, but what'll I do for chairs?  Where will people eat?  Where will the kids play?  What will they eat if I can't BBQ?  My oven doesn't have a thermostat, remember.  Can I send hubby outside with an umbrella?  Can I use disposable plates since I don't have a dishwasher?  It doesn't bear thinking about really, so let's not.  It's driving me to drink.

In other news, Christmas is coming.  You'll notice that I've been very restrained, with only a few oblique festive references all month.  No Basket of Delights sidebar; no reviews of favourite Christmas books; no What we Believe and Why post.  Finally I've learned, you see.  My blog is a far happier place when I don't write about contentious issues, and Christmas is probably the most controversial issue of all.  Out of sight is out of mind.

We have settled into a nice holiday routine.  Every day we do a little bit of reading, a little bit of baking, a little bit of gardening, a little bit of something crafty.  Each afternoon I've been able to spend time at work doing what I'm paid to do.  I've also been planning AO6 and getting excited over book deliveries.  Jemimah's been spending extended periods outside and doing lots of swimming.  She is fit and happy.  The music has been playing in the background and we have nice scented candles burning.  Our days have been full, and I don't know how we usually fit in school as well.  Life is good.

In between all the nice stuff I've been doing a bit of annual spring cleaning. Ironing, making sense of Jemimah's wardrobe, storing away last year's school work (we don't keep much, but I like to keep a few examples of what she's been doing, shelving books. The latter is far more fun than the other three. Wanna see?

In the back of my mind is the fact that when we repaint and carpet we'll need to pack away all of these books, but that doesn't bear considering, so I'm not going to think about that right now either. 

The Queen of Procrastination.  That's what I am.

Besides, maybe it won't rain.  I'm also the Queen of Optimistic Outlooks.


  1. Feeling your pain ;) Praying for it not to rain. I have no easy answers or quick fixes for the alternative ... unless you make it a crazy water-play event with slip n slide, or hire an event tent. Perhaps you have a room for the kids to build indoor cubbies, and you can drape sheer curtains around to disguise or decorate. Arabian nights style? Lamps rather than full light. Cushions and blankets as floor rugs. Honestly, it does sound hard. Perhaps make it a cozy, old fashioned sing-along and story party. I hope you are ok. You are resourceful, and as you said people are kind, and are coming for the company not to be impressed by your home (which I'm sure is still lovely, despite the work to be done). Love, V.

  2. Hold the party buffet style near the bookshelves. With those gorgeous books on display, I promise no one will notice the kitchen.

  3. Love your bookcases! now you know what sort of post I'd love;) hint, hint:):)

    re Christmas posts, well I was rather sad to read that you are being oblique, I've always loved reading your book posts/baskets (you're the one who introduced me to Shirley Hughes book) and love reading and sharing in your excitement. I really feel you should be able to be free to be you, to be true to yourself, too bad if others don;t like it, if your readers don't agree they should just quietly click away or love regardless.

    I was thinking about this today, I'm deliberately on a campaign to wish all in public a Happy Christmas, rarely do people do this anymore. when my Jewish friends wish me Shalom, I'm not offended, nor would I be if I had Muslim friends (live in rural town so...) so I'm wishing all a Happy Christmas.

    anyhow I say, go for it and you can always turn off comments for those posts. I love you just the way you are{{}}

  4. The people invited lived thru the flood, right? I think you are setting the bar too high. It might cost more, but can't you just say to heck with it and order pizza or whatever Aussies order out? Provide a big cooler of beer, wine etc and just have an indoor picnic! It's the people who matter--not what you haven't been able to repair yet. Grace is pretty important--God didn't call you to be perfect and didn't call you to throw a perfect holiday bash. I'm positive whoever is invited will enjoy the fellowship more than the food no matter what is served! Big hug to you!

  5. Erin, I'm posting our daily Christmas reads on A Peaceful Day's Facebook page if you ever sign up for FB.

    Lisa, they did live through the flood, but none of them are townies, so it was merely inconvenient for them. None of their homes were affected.

  6. awww not on FB:(:(
    btw Lisa made a very valid point re your house, really the more I learn I realise the gift of hospitality is so important and it doesn't translate to a lovely home etc but the ability to make your guests feel comfortable and wanted.

  7. Jeanne, I agree with what "Books for Breakfast" said!! I would just be browsing through your books all night! :) And, I also agree with Erin! I lost 6 years of fellowship in our previous home because I was too embarrassed by my "ugly" house instead of thinking of the warmth of home I could have shared :( We have been living with my mom for a season and I am so looking forward to the next place we will call home so that I can begin sharing true hospitality!

  8. please please please post your christmas stuff because of you we now have a christmas book basket -last year was our first it has a new edition this year George MacDonald's Christmas stories all about the Lord or his influence beautiful don't allow people to steal Christmas from you. We celebrate christmas our children know that no-one knows the date of jesus' birth just as no-one knows the date of His return but He WAS born so we celebrate and He WILL return so we celebrate thank for adding a lovely basket of reading to our family with all books about the lord how can anyone be so silly to be offended by it (we don't have anything to do with santa and always open our home to any strays and have a lovely Christmas. Share your life not the one other's think you should lead you've been a blessing to us (just an example we believe that christian's shouldn't drink-proverbs 31 so to better be able to lead others but I know you drink and have never said anything it's not my place to the lord will show you the path for you -his word clearly instructs us NOT to dispute these things but center on christ) have a great christmas

  9. Jeanne, I'm coming to this late. Hope your party went well. Don't worry about controversy! The blogosphere has opened my eyes up so wide to the different types of beliefs amongst Christians yet I love them all:) we have Jesus in common and that's enough for me:)


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