11 Dec 2012


My friend, Carolyn, posted to facebook today about the temptation of Snickerdoodles.  Now those are something I'd totally forgotten about, and I just had to whip myself up a quick batch there and then.  She might be strong enough to refrain, but me?  Ahem.

Snickerdoodles are not really that popular here in Australia, but being a sucker for anything covered in cinnamon sugar, I'm a bit of a fan.  Besides, I can always kid myself that the spice makes them ideal biscuits for the Festive Season, can't I?  Yes, I can! I love their soft insides and crispy shell as well.

I used this recipe, and it worked pretty well. The family are happy anyway.  I'll remember to hide them if Carolyn comes visiting.

Anybody know anything about their fun sounding name?

What biscuit tempts you the most?  Do you like Snickerdoodles too?


  1. Funny, I never cared for them as a child... Love them now. And I think the cinnamon is good for blood pressure, right?!!?!

    Cindy Bee

  2. I'm sure you're right there!

  3. Cinnamon+nutmeg=yum! But I've been making them as bar cookies, the last few years.

  4. My family loves Snickerdoodles! I think I like saying the word as much as I like eating them ... snickerdoodle ... it's such a great word don't you think?

  5. Neve. Heard of them before today lol! You are always educating me Jeanne! :)


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