4 Apr 2013

AO6 Term 2 Schedule

I'm suffering dreadfully from writer's block. I really am.   I have screeds of unfinished posts. I dream posts and then can't get them into print. I'm sorry, because I do miss you. A lot. I think of you all the time, my friends. I do swear that I have the best bloggy friends in the world. In cyberspace, even.

Part of the problem is trying to be something I'm not.  I keep trying to make myself write erudite Charlotte Mason posts, and I just can't do it.  So then the post seems amateurish, and I sigh and press save...or delete... and go to bed.  There are lots of great bloggers who can write this sort of stuff.  Not me.

We have been doing lots of nice things that I'd like to tell you about.  Bush walks and nature discoveries.  Our impressions of the Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures exhibition at the Melbourne Museum and our subsequent Afghan meal at a local restaurant.  I want to tell you about the map we're using for David Livingstone's journeys.  And about going to see Shakespeare's Henry IV last weekend. And what we did for Easter. And how Jemimah did in her End of Term exams. And about the lovely gift I received in the mail from Silvia. I really hope I might be able to tell you about some of these things very soon.

In the mean time, and because I think some of you will be waiting on it, here's our AO6 Term 2 Australianised schedule.  As you can see, we've dropped Beechick's Genesis book because I couldn't see how to use it in a CM way.  If any of you can help with this I'd appreciate it.  In its place I've substituted Ben Hur.  We've moved the Winston Churchill bio from Term 3 forward.  We actually began reading this in Term 1 where it fitted better with the history cycle, so we'll be finishing it up this term before beginning Ben Hur. Australian Backyard Explorer instead of School of the Woods and It Couldn't Just Happen.  We moved the former to free reads.  We've already read and loved the latter.  We're reading the full Iliad, not a retelling.  Otherwise, the term is pretty much as written.

So there.  I'll write more about our plans another time, but at least this is a start.

This writer's block is really worrying me, girls.  If there is anything that you think I might be able to write about without getting too bogged down in cleverness, can you please let me know in the comments?  I'd really appreciate that. 

I hope to be back very soon.


  1. I love reading your true feelings and reflections on all the books you read, plays you see, philosophies you agree or disagree with. So important to be real with ourselves and others. I feel it encouraging me when people are real about themselves and life. You have always given an exemplary effort in all your posts. I'm sure the writer's block won't last forever.

    Are you thinking or going to any homeschool related conferences this year? I have dreamed of a few and considered overseas travel to coincide with one! I'd love to go to a CM conference. I am going to The Mum Heart Conference in Newcastle in May.

    We are using your AO4 and AO0 (with minor changes) and will most likely follow you through now, so I love reading about your Aussie substitutions.

    Blessings, Renelle

  2. Sounds like you have a lot to share. I don't like you having writers block, I'm missing you. I'm so glad I didn't take for granted the times we had with you on a Friday evening eating Thai and talking about everything.

  3. Try not to let perfectionism paralyse you ... your readers chose *you*. Some of us aren't so much CM, but love books and enjoy walking alongside you. Those who follow want your substitutions, reviews, opinions, interpretations and Australianisms. You have started something so worthwhile and might feel pressure to finish it to a particular standard. But first and foremost, you are Jeanne, and you are Jemimah's guide on trails of life and learning. Keep writing from the heart and tell your inner editor to give you some space, or distract him with hot chocolate while you press publish on a few more posts!

    I'd love to hear about the gift you received, and whether you plan to come to the Mum Heart conference.

  4. Jeanne, try to relax{{}} I have writers block from time to time, so much I want to say and yet I can't quite summon the energy. I've found if I relax, write down my ideas, eventually my full desire returns and I start writing again.{{}}

  5. You got my present NOW? Wow, that took some time, didn't it? LOL.

    Please, hit publish, not save or delete. (But I understand writers block, the only good thing about it is that it passes away, :)

    You are fun, interesting, and our Jeanne, LOL.

    You know something? I got the Beechick's Genesis book, and I did not find it very Cm'ish or living? While I loved RB other books on hs, this one has a something that does not quite fit, and I do not know what it is.

    Ben Hur... hmmm... I love your suggestion, I think I will do that too.


  6. It was a lovely surprise, Silvia! Thank you. xxx

  7. Ah, I don't compete for cleverness ~ & you don't need to. ☺ Your posts are always witty & charming ~ a delight to read.

    As for writer's block ~ I write the most erudite posts in my head on the way to college. By the time I get home all I have left is drivel. So sad.

  8. Jeanne, I have the "delete" syndrome, too, for exactly the same reason you cite. I think that's the problem with any kind of publishing -- we compare our work to others' work and find our seriously lacking.

    We are enjoying Year 6! Of course, you know I make changes here and there; for example I added more ancient Egypt material. But the history books are quite interesting. Also, we began our individual BoC for the first time. The girls take this activity quite seriously!

  9. I've been in 'block' mode for over a year. Instead of feeling awful about it I just did it when I was motivated and had time. I'm starting to feel it lifting though. I believe I tried to fit in way too much into life last year and so blogging was at the bottom of my priority list. I see it as another of life's seasons. I do so love to visit you and read your posts even if I don't always comment. I will try to be more encouraging with others who help us on this homeschooling journey and hope that you will feel my heartfelt thanks for your writings.
    Blessings, Renelle

  10. I just like your posts! For me personally, we don't do CM and I don't much know anything about it. So if your posts don't cover that, it won't bother me! I would just do little posts - thoughts, outings, a great photo. That keeps things ticking over. And I never worry about erudite - just pop them out!

  11. Read my block ... I have no idea what I am talking about half the time, forget to grammar and spell check (yes I actually do understand these things but always hurry) and hate the way I write. I then stop, then I remember that it is simply nice for me to diarise some things and do something for me. There are also some lovely folk in the cyber world.
    Just keep hacking away, I certainly find what you write interesting as do others by the comments I enviously site on your postings.
    Cheers Lisa


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