4 May 2013

5 things we did today

::  Swam butterfly laps of the swimming pool.  The girl and her friend Jay, not me. Perish the thought.  I cheered from the sidelines.

:: Went on a Mummy-Mimi Morning date with my beautiful girl.  It's starting to get a bit chilly for much sitting outside, though.  See that huge muffin?  She couldn't eat it all.  Just in case you wondered.

:: Went shopping for new cold weather clothes.  You know that day at the start of each season when you wonder whether you might, in fact, have spent much of last year running around naked, because you have absolutely nothing to wear?  It was yesterday.

:: Began translating Rumpelstiltskin from Latin into English. We thought this was really cool!  Okay, we may possibly be a bit weird.
- Est tuum nomen Marcus, homunculus?
- Minime, nomen meum non est Marcus.
- Aulus?
- Mimime.
- Publius?
- Minime.
Neque ulla nomen homunculo erant.
We're using this book, Fabulae Mirabiles.  It's just the right level to be able to read and understand without having to look up too many words.  Each story is less than 1000 words, and there's a comprehensive glossary in the back.

:: Watched this film.

Having just read The Wizard of Earthsea, it was interesting to see how Ghibli interpreted the mythical world of Earthsea.  The plot diverged significantly from LeGuin's books, but I think a knowledge of the story was important to understand the nuances in the movie.  We all enjoyed it.  Many reviewers have not.

So that's our 5 things.  What 5 things did you do today?  Do tell.


  1. Hmmm.........5 coffees perhaps? Nah, it couldn't have been that many! But here it is almost 11.30 so maybe that is why!

  2. Ah, I see the Theological Minute brings up "that" prickly subject!

  3. The clothing one I can relate to. I looked in my cupboard today and I can't work out what I wore last year as I don't seem to have many long sleeved tops. Where are they???? I have to go shopping too, but I will do mine online:)

    Muffins looks good, some for later when she gets home!

  4. Fun! Feel your pain on the wardrobe problems.


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