9 May 2013

A shelf of Australian treasures

It's been one of those super busy weeks where we've sort of had to condense five days of school into three, and every extra minute has been taken up with important stuff that can't be put off.  I do have a couple of posts in the planning, but they're not going to get done this week at least.

In the mean time, and because nobody leaves me nice messages if I don't post, and I'm getting sad and lonely and downright miserable, here's a shelf from our library (I love typing that!) for you to have a browse through.  Don't you love stickying at people's bookshelves?  I do, but you already know that.

Below the photo is a list of books from left to right.  You'll notice a couple of copies of Magic Pudding, and two of Blinky Bill.  That's the way it is sometimes.

It turns out that I've had a bit to say about many of these books, and in that case I've linked to the post.  Some of these are actual reviews; others are just a bit of chat.  Some have photos of the insides of the book too, and if you're anything like me, you'll love looking at the delightful illustrations.

Let me know in the comments if you'd like to see more shelves like this. Or if you'd like to hear about any of the books here.

I'll be back next week with something a bit more erudite.  Have a nice weekend!


  1. Well you know my answer, I saw the pic and my heart raced faster!!! I want to see..I want to hear..pretty please:) and yes we have a number of those titles:) Haven't heard of "magic Australia" though!!

  2. I came across 2 Thistle Harris nature books at a car boot sale near home, Wildflowers of Australia and Naturecraft in Australia, which have coloured plates. I have Australian Wildflower Magic by Nuri Mass from Abe books (...& The Wonderland of Nature) which both have ink illustrations only. They would be beautiful with colour plates though. I haven't seen Magic Australia to compare to the other Nuri Mass titles. I Also picked up A Diary of flowering Bulbs by Barbara Horn....too many to mention...I'll take a photo of the shelf for you soon :) I enjoy seeing everyone's books. I love op shops.

  3. hi just thought I would give you a link to a home school site with great art rumplestiltskin?? puppets. I though it might be a good fit for your family with your love of asia (they love puppets) and a great project to work on for the next few months/years we always had plays happening when the children were younger it's a lovely way to learn and you can do anything you like many puppets can play lots of different characters and it's also a project that fathers can get involved in my dh made a beautiful wooden puppet theater for the children (simple design beautiful timber) have fun the site is LaPaz home learning

  4. Oh dear, I think I need to come visit. But would it be rude if I didnt talk much?


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