14 May 2013

Grammar-Land worksheets

But a child cannot dream parts of speech, and any grown-up twaddle attempting to personify such abstractions offends a small person who with all his love of play and nonsense has a serious mind.

Charlotte Mason A Philosophy of Education p210

Hey everyone, I know Miss Mason didn't like M. L. Nesbitt's Grammar-Land, but we've been really enjoying it this term.

The little story is a bit contrived - after all, it is about a courtroom of personified abstractions, but it does help illustrate the various parts of speech, and the application exercises at the end of each chapter are excellent.

We rarely use worksheets, since most of them are painful busywork, but these worksheets put together by a homeschool mum have proved to be most enjoyable.  I simply printed them out and bound them with a cover into a book.  Jemimah does an exercise each week, and they take about five minutes.

Some of you might find them useful.

You can find Grammar-Land free online.


  1. What a wonderful edition to Grammar-land that I can add next term. I'm lost at the moment with what to use for Grammar for Joshua next term. I'm wondering Jeanne if you would be so kind to write a blog post of your top choices for Grammar books....please? with cherries on top!

  2. http://www.ohpeacefulday.blogspot.com.au/2012/01/chat-about-grammar.html

    Already done, here, Sarah! xxx

  3. Wooooo!!! We're doing this very thing this term! dd11 is often asking to do Grammarland, and this very moment they are very quietly colouring the courtroom picture while they listen.

  4. One thing I liked in homeschool, was 5 minutes DID cover grammar. We used "Rod and Staff" but did it orally. They actually "got it" too which was great. Tried the ponderous Easy Grammar [or Grammar Made Easy??] drudgery.

    Lisa @ http://hopewellmomschoolreborn.blogspot.com/


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