15 May 2013

Skeletonised leaves

Something is eating our next-door-neighbour's beautiful elm tree.  It's a teensy little white caterpillar that's skeletonising the leaves.  I do hope that the fact that it is autumn and the tree would drop its leaves naturally about now means that it will survive, because its really old and really beautiful, and if it dies, I, for one, will be really sad.

The skeletonised leaves are beautiful though, aren't they?

Anyone have any ideas as to what the little beastie might be?


  1. Sounds like the evil elm leaf beetle in larva stage.


    PS - can you add to your profile list for posting an option that doesnt require some sort of account. I do have a LiveJournal account but it is defunct and I never use it. I'd prefer to have something where I could just enter 'DaughterofEve' as a name....is it possible? I hardly ever post here because its such a big process for me.

  2. Jess, it is only a couple of months ago that I removed anonymous comments because of all the spam. The alternative is captcha quotes, and I hate those!

    I hope to go back to anonymous comments when and if the spam goes away. Sorry.

  3. We had those on our elm trees growing up. The are Elm Leaf Beatles.

  4. Ugh. I guess I'd better read up on them and then go and break the news to my neighbours. They will not be pleased. Thanks Jess and Ty.

  5. Whilst an interesting photos, the poor tree isn't in a good way and I am always sad to see a sick tree :((

  6. Wow!!! I don't know what those are but they leave lovely patterns behind.


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