15 Jul 2013

Highlights of SoCal

Traditionally when we travel we like to do a blog post listing our favourite parts of each stop on our itinerary. Sometimes we get lazy and stop halfway through the journey, but we'll see how we go!

Here, then, are our highlights from Southern California:


  • Powell's Sweet Shoppe
  • Swimming at the pool with Mr Goegan and the kids
  • Feeling like part of the family
  • Playing in the sand at Laguna Beach
  • Eating hamburgers at Ruby's Diner


  • Observing that amazing marine worm at Laguna Beach
  • Spending time with Naomi's nature group
  • Eating Fish Tacos at Baja Fresh
  • Seeing the Impressionists at The Getty
  • Powell's Sweet Shoppe

Okay, we have Powell's twice. Is there a problem with that?



  1. I just love that photo of Jemimah. She looks like she's already sugared up! :)

  2. Superb! Great photo of Jemimah bursting with lolly goodness!!!


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