16 Jul 2013

Highlights of Bakersfield


  • Milking Reese and Charlotte, Brandy's goats
  • Dinner at the Allen's
  • Throwing paper planes at the fan with Everett
  • Teaching Mr Vencel The Cup Song
  • Ice cream at Moo Creamery


  • Hearing Brandy speak at the Bakersfield Home Education Conference
  • The spectacular scenery on the LA-Bakersfield Road
  • Meeting the Shimealls and the Vencels and the Allens
  • Visiting the wonderful Book Hounds Used Book Shop
  • The s'more marshmallow dessert pizza. Yum.



  1. Who knew the s'more pizza would make the list? An almost accidental delight! :)

    We miss you already. :)

  2. You made it to Book Hounds! :)

    I've never had a s'more pizza. Is that Brandy's recipe?

  3. Uhm - Brandy, I *NEED* this recipe for the s'more pizza, please....now would be good. And now look at this - you have added s'more pizza to the line up with the fire. Humph....I will absolutely have to have Northern lights to make my part of the trip any kind of memorable, lol!

  4. Okay, so if we can keep you in sweets we should be good. Whew!

  5. It's great to hear what Y'all are loving! Nearly every picture involves high in sugary content!

  6. What's the Cup Song? Is it a piece of Australiana I really should know?


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