11 Aug 2013


The fairest and most fragrant
Of the many sweets we found
Was a little bush of Daphne flower
Upon a mossy mound,
And so thick were the blossoms set and so divine the scent,
That we were well content.

Hungry for Spring I bent my head,
The perfume fanned my face,
And all my soul was dancing
In that lovely little place,
Dancing with a measured step from wrecked and shattered towns
Away... upon the Downs.

From Home Thoughts on Laventie by E. Wyndham Tennant, written in Belgium, March 1916.

I can't believe I've never posted about Daphne.

I truly believe that this is the plant perfume I love the best, and I'm so very, very glad I arrived home in time to enjoy her divine citrus scent. My mum loves Daphne too, and she has aways had numerous varieties in every one of her beautiful gardens.  Perhaps that's another reason that I love it so - its spicy, delicious fragrance also reminds me of a very, wonderful lady.

I'll be back shortly to talk to you about other stuff like my holiday, but somehow I just needed to talk to you about Daphne first.  Do you love her too?

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