27 May 2014

John Green on children's books


This is much too delightful to post just on FB. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Have you read The Fault in Our Stars? What did you think? Did you cry?



  1. Cried. And ached. And mourned like for real people. An excellent book. Not sure about the movie.

  2. One I didn't like ~ & no, I didn't cry. Cait bought it & never read it. I read it [loose term with this book] because it was lying around & just found it really dull.

  3. Read it. Cried. Loved it and have that awful, empty feeling you get when a great book ends.

  4. I missed this on FB and am so glad you posted here. Magnificent way to spend 12 minutes this morning:). Learned some wonderful tidbits - not the least of which is that S E Hinton is a woman! WOW! NEVER would have guessed. Based on The Outsiders I assumed she was a he. The Kissing Hand is a darling book which we discovered at a time when we really needed it due to separation issues with my oldest. Delightful. Never read the book in question - off to check it out...


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