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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made II

Posted by Jeanne

I updated my Fearfully and Wonderfully post with more videos this morning, if you're watching along.  I also added the link to a YouTube playlist containing them all, which you will find here.  I've been updating the list more quickly than the blogpost, so if that is important to you, you know where to find them!

I also wanted to add that we started Ten Fingers for God as a read aloud last Friday, and I am so very, very glad we did.  I have already mentioned how much I loved reading this book as a teen, and I am enjoying it even more this second time round.  Many of the anecdotes in Fearfully and Wonderfully Made are fleshed out (terrible pun) in this older book - we meet up with Sadan again, and learn ever so much more about Dr Brand's work and about leprosy in general.  We're only up to Chapter 5, but I'm quite confident that I'm onto a winner here.  If you're looking for a great adjunct to your readings, this is it.

You can find the full documentary here.


North Laurel said...

Thank you for sharing these, Jeanne. My ds especially enjoyed Fearfully and Wonderfully Made and I think we'll enjoy watching the documentary.

Sarah said...

Wow, the documentary looks very inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

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