7 Jun 2014

This weekend at home

Jemimah is off at our church's Youth Camp this Queen's Birthday long weekend, leaving her daddy and me playing Darby and Joan, and having a stay-cation at home.   It is after noon, and I am still in my jarmies.  This is my view, crochet rug over my knees, as I catch up with a bit of blog reading and email gossip.  We're drinking coffee (unsurprisingly), munching on chocolate covered shortbread bikkies, breathing in the luxurious fragrance of a Jo Malone Lime Basil and Mandarin candle, and listening to Darby and Joan songs on YouTube. Really. (Well, I'm the only one drinking coffee - we're both doing the rest.)

Some time this afternoon I'll need to get into some clothes and wander into town to buy a birthday pressie for my newly 10-year-old nephew (any suggestions gratefully received). The family will all be gathering tomorrow to celebrate and eat cake so that will be wonderful. I just love it when my whole family gets together. We have so much fun. (Even if Jemimah will be missing.  Sigh)

I'm also plotting a meal out tonight.  Gingerboy sounds good...  I'll let you know how I go there.

Weekends like this are such a tonic to the craziness of real life. Peaceful, relaxing, calm, quiet.  It is so rare that my Beloved and I are at home alone together that we don't really know what to do with ourselves, but the nice thing is that whatever we end up doing it will be all the nicer spending the time with my best friend.  Especially if he says yes to Gingerboy.


  1. What about a game like ... Tenzi, Dobble, Blink, puzzles, survival kit with backsack, compass, small pocket knife ( my ds didn't get his first pocket knife until he was 12), first aid kit, torch etc.

  2. Lego? Back 2 Back (puzzle game)

  3. Lol. At first I thought these were suggestions of what to do with dh!

  4. Sounds perfect... love it all.

  5. Ha, ha I read it like that as well, Jeanne! Your weekend sounds pleasant. Are you in the city or country home? Guessing city if you are going present shoppping. Lego seems to be universally popular for young boys.

  6. How good is Noel Coward? If you do get a 'yes' on Gingerboy, I'll have the pork belly for starters and the red duck curry for main, thanks!


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