17 Dec 2014

Charlotte Mason Afternoon


Have all my local friends caught up with the fact that I'm hosting a Charlotte Mason Afternoon in Northcote, Melbourne on Wednesday 21st January at 2 PM until late?

If you want to come along and chat about all things CM and AO, I'd love to see you.

The location is still to be finalised, but if you'd like to come, you can leave me details here or on A Peaceful Day's FB page ( in the sidebar) or by PMing me in the forum. Or all three if you'd prefer. There are also details on the CM Australia FB page, so you can get info there as well.

I am so excited that something like this is happening in Australia. Rejoice with me!



  1. I was talking to a friend the other day who travels a lot. She and her husband and five children spend every summer driving around the USA in an RV, and before she had kids, she traveled internationally quite a bit. We were talking about traveling, and I surprised her by saying I have no desire to travel. I told her the one exception, though, was that I would go to Australia in a heartbeat. My husband has always wanted to see Australia, and I would love to meet you. How wonderful such a convention would be.

  2. I'd love to know what you plan on doing at your CM afternoon?

  3. It's going to be wonderful!

  4. Erin, we are just planning on having a round table discussion. We are still planning, really. There has been some thought of Shakespeare in the evening, but others prefer a BBQ and more talking. People are bringing favourite books and stuff, I think.
    What would we need to do to convince you to come?

  5. Heather, you and your family would be welcome any time. xx

  6. Hi, I can't believe I have found your blog and just read this post only hours after the meeting. Nevermind! I'm just starting out homeschooling my eldest child this year. We live in the country about 3 hrs from Melbourne. The more I've been reading up on CM and starting to put her ideas into practice, the more I love it (and the kids do too). Great to find an Australian CM blog :) Emily


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