27 Feb 2015

Pesto Mmmmmm

There is nothing that says summer to me better than pesto made from basil fresh picked from my garden. Here's my recipe:

First put some water on to boil ready to cook your pasta. If it's dry pasta, put it on to cook now. If it is fresh pasta, wait until you've prepared the pesto.

Strip the leaves from a two or three long stems of basil. About this many.

Wash them well, drain and wack them into the food processor.

Fry two tablespoons of pinenuts in a tablespoon of olive oil until they're browned like this.

Stick the pinenuts in the food processor along with two garlic cloves, salt and pepper.

Zap 'em for a bit.

While the food processor is still running, add 1/4 cup olive oil in a thin stream.

Move the pesto to a mixing bowl and add three tablespoons of Parmesan cheese.


Add it to your pasta. Mine is potato gnocchi.

Then you're done, and you can eat. Only I like mine with fresh tomato and goats cheese.

Enjoy. And think of me. This is one of my very favourite summer dishes.

Are you a pesto lover? What is your favourite pasta sauce?



  1. Now I'm hungry for it! I love pesto and yours looks so easy to make. Will try it coming summer

  2. I can taste summer in this post!

  3. Wish you could bring some of that over here! I love pesto. This post is just yummy and makes me yearn for weather over 0 degrees. Sigh.


  4. Did you all know you can freeze pesto to eat in the middle of winter? Make it just like I've described, only leave out the Parmesan. Freeze it in serving sizes or even in ice cube trays and add to...everything! Don't forget to add the cheese when you defrost. It tastes as good as fresh stuff.

  5. I adore pesto but can't make it without remembering how Max would cry whenever I turned on the food processor when he was a baby. I had to put him in his stroller on the patio to get the pesto made that year. I also freeze it in ice cube trays as a quick go-to sauce. Oh, and the easiest "wow" chicken recipe I have is to slather pesto on chicken pieces and grill. It's still in the negative degrees here but tomorrow is the 1st of March and spring eventually has to, um, spring.

  6. Pesto is my favorite! I could eat it out of the jar for sure! I bet yours is divine!


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