2 Mar 2015

Dis and dat

:: I am sitting in the kitchen sipping white wine while watching other people cook my dinner.  This is, as you can imagine, rather rare, so I am enjoying it very much.  My husband is hosting a young student at work, and he is head chef.  Hubby is acting in the role of sous chef and bottle washer.  We are having homemade pasties.  Yum.  The wine is very nice. It is called Upside Down Sauvignon Blanc from Malborough in New Zealand, in case you wondered.

:: Tomorrow my beloved and I are going to see The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel at our local cinema.

It is a fundraiser for the Rotary Club, and includes dinner first and supper afterwards, so I don't need to prepare meals then, either.  Perhaps I will forget how to cook. Hah!  Have you seen this film?  Is it good?

:: This weekend we are going camping to celebrate Jemimah's 13th birthday.  We are staying at a remote campsite where you have to pack everything - water, firewood, everything, so it is quite a process, especially since we are hosting four other young teens as well as our own.  We're beginning to wonder whether this might have been a bad idea.  Anyhow, we're going.  Think of us.  Mum, can you mind the dog?

::  I have begun a decluttering project with a few friends.  It is very liberating to get rid of junk.  I'm not planning to do anything too scary here, but it is amazing how much rubbish you accumulate over a decade.  Today I cleaned out my bedside drawers and found a couple of booklists that I thought I'd lost forever, so I am rather chuffed about that.

:: We are planning a holiday.  We don't have much time, so we're thinking Bali might be nice. We're looking at May.  No, we won't be camping.

 Are you planning a holiday, too?  Where are you looking at going?  Are you decluttering with me?  Are you having your dinner cooked for you?  What's going on in your life this week?


  1. It is lovely to have dinner cooked for oneself. I haven't seen the first in this movie, I don't think! I'll remember to pray for you all camping this weekend. We're planning on going to Lightning Ridge in a couple of weeks, we should be finished week 6 of AO5 and just in time for days spent at the wonderful olympic pool and their new diving pool, fossicking for opals and then nights in the delicious artesian baths, just divine! Trying to find trustworthy folks to let guests in and out of the B&B can be difficult. So that is what is happening here, also I am quite sick with the silly flu.

  2. Ack, Sarah, get well soon, my friend! I have never been to Lightning Ridge, although it is on my Bucket List. My Dad used to visit every year.

  3. I can understand why your Dad was drawn back, as there is something special and unique that continually draws us back too.

  4. Not cooking supper two nights in a row! Yes, you may conveniently forget how. And what a superb birthday celebration for Jemimah. Your efforts will be paid in rich memories for a lifetime.

    We are already menu planning for our yearly camping trip to Maine in August…Oleg makes breakfast when we camp, which is really quite nice. We are also house swapping with one of our Airbnb guests from last year. She and her girls will take our house for a long weekend and we will be in their cottage on the coast in Newburyport, Mass. in June. I'm looking forward to that.

    Sarah, I would let guests in and out of your B&B in a heartbeat.

  5. I love me a good decluttering - I think it is overdue in many ways. The only holiday I'm planning is other people's! I dream of having others cook for me. I am going to the Gold Coast this weekend, but it's a work thing and I'd really rather stay at home with my family.

  6. No holiday but happy for you.

  7. I am excited for this second film! Enjoy. Have to see if it has come here ?

  8. You and I are on a level this week! I'm decluttering ALOT (we're moving); my glass of wine is red tonight but I'll search for your white; my husband and I just split the last Irish pasty saved from my cooking marathon over the weekend; haven't seen the 2nd Exotic Marigold yet but it's our next film after we settle in; our next vacation is a camping trip, same deal - you carry in, you carry out. Total bliss. We will have two Tweens to your four Teens, but we have the added benefit of a five year old. And my mom's made dinner for us two nights in a row!!

  9. If I'm going to drink a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, it is going to be from Marlborough County in New Zealand. Sav Blanc from there tastes grapefruity and amazing. yum. Sav Blanc from everywhere else tastes like mown grass. ick.

  10. I regularly have to declutter. We just seem to "collect" stuff. Can't do the wine thing here, although on occasion I do wonder about getting some. Regularly get help to cook meals, otherwise we might live on just fruit for dinner more often. Re: holiday. Yes. There's one coming end of April early May. Queensland and their sunny, sandy beaches are calling me. Yay!!


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