23 Aug 2015

Bad selfies

So it's official. Sarah and I are Selfie Failures.

We tried close-up.

And further away.

And with a nice background.

And without. (Why do I look like I have a wall eye here?)

Sarah is actually very beautiful, but even I look marginally better than this in reality. Sigh. Anyhow, we did get together, we did eat cake, and we did have fun. Sarah is a great mama, and a lovely friend.

No books today, because it's the Lord's Day. Tomorrow, I hope.



  1. Aww, you are BOTH beautiful! :) Happy Sunday!

  2. YOU TWO ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. What bad selfie! They are all perfect.

  3. That was hilarious, but oh so much fun! You mean, I ATE CAKE... lol


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