22 Aug 2015

Home Alone Mother Culture

Today Jemimah and her daddy leave for the snow, an event that marks the beginning of my annual (except for last year) Home Alone Mother Culture Week. Yippee!!! Can you tell how excited I am?

Above, you'll see the impressive pile of books I've packed for the week. The pile is that large for variety - I need exactly-the-book-I'm-feeling-like-right-now - this week, so I had to pack a lot to ensure heterogeneity and flexibility. Ahem.

There's no way I'm going to get through that pile, because I have lots of other delicious things scheduled for my Home Alone Mother Culture Week as well as reading. Here's the list so far. What should I add?

:: A visit to the National Gallery of Victoria to see the Masterpieces from the Hermitage exhibition with a friend from Uni days (that's thirty years, people).

:: A sleepover with my BFF with Thai food, champagne, chocolate, shopping and chat. K loves clothes shopping, so that should be...um...interesting. I haven't seen her for three years.

:: A different secondhand book shop every day, plus visits to Readings and Hill of Content.

:: Indulgent 'meals for one' of my favourite cheeses with crackers and fruit. Okay, and maybe something bubbly. I cannot lie.

:: An afternoon at Aurora Spa. Think massage, facial, pedicure...

:: Time to write some blog posts. It's been so long, friends, so long.

:: Coffee dates with Daughter of Eve, and with Sarah.

:: A performance of 20:21 by The Australian Ballet.

:: A movie marathon of Studio Ghibli films.

:: Sleeeeeeeeeep

What would you do if you were home alone for a week? Does my plan sound good to you? What should I add? Leave out? Do you want me to post pics of my book treasures? Let me know. I'd love a good old fashioned blog chatter. Nobody comments on blog posts anymore, do they. Sigh.




  1. Sounds pretty amazing to me. :D You had me at "a different used bookstore everyday". And chocolate. And champagne. If I supply some Cameroonian coffee, can I come too? :)

  2. I agree with you. Almost nobody comments on blog posts, so I am now, trying to change that.

    Your week sounds lovely. Hug DoE and Sarah much. I'm glad you get to see those two lovely ladies, and that they get to see you, lovely lady, as well.

    Recharge your energy. I'll be praying for you and your week, to be a blessing to you.

    I'm giddy for you. Very happy.

    Love your book titles. Promise a follow up with book store findings and friend happenings.

    I'll see you on FB. (Restart the what are you reading, please, even if I fill in Don Quijote for a year, tee hee).

  3. Okay. I'll do that, just for you, Silvia. Thanks for commenting. x

  4. Books, art museums, the ballet, chocolate, long talks with old friends--it all sounds perfect! (I think the only thing I would add would be copious amounts of tea!) Enjoy!

  5. Jeanne! I'm jealous! ;) This sounds LOVELY!!! :) I'd sleep, read, and not cook if I had a week to myself and maybe hang out with my sister! :) All of this in a beautiful remote cabin w/nature/water nearby...

  6. I get one week each summer when my girls go to grandma and grandpa's (*cue choir of angels here*). Mine is more of a Mother Sanity Week than a Mother Culture Week. I tackle a giant project that would be impossible for me to do with the everyday monkey distractions. The first year, I flew off to visit a friend and be with her when she delivered her daughter. (Best week EVER!) Last year, I decluttered, cleaned, and redecorated the master bedroom. This year I'm going through all my books — sorting, donating, organizing, and properly shelving. These projects really do make my life more sane the whole rest of the year. In all fairness, I do still find time for reading, shopping, friend time, and dinner with The Man. When I'm all alone in the quiet, it doesn't much seem to matter what I do. It's just so deliciously quiet. Did I mention that there isn't much quiet when my kids are home? I miss the quiet. 😁


  7. I so enjoy reading your blog and I do not comment. Maybe once or twice? This post convinced me I should. I would love to see the books you stumble across. A different used bookstore everyday, lovely! Massages and sleep, so jealous. I'd have to add sweet tea into the mix. But even just those few things would be amazing!

    I get one day to myself now and then and feel giddy. I'm trying to imagine what an entire week would be like. I know I'd miss my littles (I have a 5 and 2 year old), it's easier once they are older (I also have a 10 and 7 year old). Enjoy your week. =)

  8. That sounds so lovely. I can imagine this recharging you for the next term. I can only dream of such a week, right now, with all the little ones around, but one day...one day! :)
    Do post your book finds, at the book shops.
    Your week sounds amazing!!!

  9. Aww. I feel so special. Thanks for the FB what are you reading.
    I saw your day 1. Lovely. I'm curious about the SWB book too.

  10. How utterly divine! I love your plan. I would only add "Spend time with Bruce" and your list would be quite complete.
    I am very intrigued with the SWB Science book and am very much looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it once you have finished, Jeanne.

  11. Yes, go second hand book shopping every day, and you must post pics so I can drool with happiness for you:) Enjoy:)

  12. How lovely! Everything you've panned sounds just like what I'd do, if I were in your shoes. Enjoy, my friend!


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