26 Dec 2016

Things to do...

...on Boxing Day.

:: Get outside and play games in the fresh air.

:: Drink glögg.

:: Sing a carol.

:: Eat mince pies.

:: Walk along the beach.

:: Discuss life, the universe and everything with your family.

:: Read your Christmas presents.

:: Spend time alone.

:: Watch the candles flicker.

:: Write a letter to a friend.

:: Watch Love Actually with your significant other.

:: Start a jigsaw.

:: Eat cherries.

:: Bake gingerbread men.

:: Snuggle.

:: Phone a friend.

:: Enjoy the simple things.



  1. Had to laugh when I saw your copy of Five Go Gluten Free - as long time Famous Five readers my Mother and I were giggling over Five Go on a Strategy Away Day in a local bookshop while Christmas shopping last week, and I even thought of you at the time!

  2. This Boxing Day we filed a police report for the things that got stolen in the break-in while we were at Christmas Day church. Sigh.

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  4. Let me add the good stuff that happened in our house on Boxing Day. Listening to new CD (Colin Buchanan / Karen Pang - a big hit!) Turkey sandwiches. Reading new Christmas gift picture books (lots of Mem Fox.) Loading up the new-to-us Kindle (second hand from grandpa.) Eating (ahem) lots of Christmas candy. Drinking cider. Meeting our back neighbours. Speaking to my elderly interstate parents on the phone. Cutting off the plaster from my 5yo son's broken arm. Lots of good things, Jeanne! - Bec


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