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An Indian Banquet

Posted by Jeanne

Part one
Part two

To complete our celebration of Kitchen Garden Week, Jemimah hosted a banquet.

This is the menu she prepared:

Salted Cashews

Main Course
Indian Vegetable Curry from Goa

Served with:
Steamed Basmati Rice
Celery and Walnut Raita
Red Lentil Dahl
Green Coconut Chutney
Mango Chutney

After Dinner
Jemimah’s Dance Concert Chocolates
Tea or Coffee

A proud Jemimah with Daddy - you can see the green menu she designed for the occasion.

The chef cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

We had a great night. The recipes were all adapted from Stephanie Alexander's book, and were delicious!

From our kitchen garden:



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