4 Sep 2009

The Actual Day Present!

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So. Today's the day. A Peaceful Day is one today.

♪♪Happy Birthday to Us! ♪♪

This is A Peaceful Day's first birthday. The virtual fairy bread is all prepared - see!

Richele asked me if we were having fun here. Yes, Richele, we are. Lots.

Richele said she was too. Are you?

And so on to the important stuff. The speeches.


The presents, silly! Has there ever been a birthday party without presents? Not at any that I've been involved with, anyhow. I love presents!!

We have lots of presents. We have The Great Aussie Living Book Give Away happening all month. You can still enter #1. There are our Lolly Bags. You can take a first peek at those now too.

Today though I have an extra present. The Actual Day Present, we'll call it.

The Actual Day Present is not a book. Today's present is this lovely tea towel, valued at AU$20.00.

You may recall that I told you when I purchased these tea towels. It's a gorgeous thing, isn't it? By giving away one of these tea towels I am able to support the work of the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital, one of my dear mother's great passions.

I know that it's a somber thing to read about during all the birthday festivities, but could I ask you to read my old post about this wonderful work and perhaps watch the video? That's all you have to do to enter The Actual Day Present Give Away - leave a comment on this post saying that you've read the old post and watched the video. If you really can't watch Youtube from your computer, perhaps you could take it on yourself to google a bit about this worthwhile cause instead. That's all.

This is The Actual Day Present, and so we will be drawing the winner of this gift tomorrow night. I'd say tonight, but today doesn't finish in some parts of the world until tomorrow, so I'll leave it until today is finished everywhere. Sound fair?

Your chances of winning are pretty good, you know...

♪♪Happy Birthday to Us,
Happy Birthday to Us.
Happy Birthday, A Peaceful Day-ay,
Happy Birthday to Us. ♪♪

Hip Hip Hooray!


  1. Hi Jeanne, thank-you for directing me to that post - i'd not read it yet. Sorry, I haven't watched the video yet (children around).
    I read Catherine's book Hospital by the River a few years ago and while it was a difficult read, it is one of the few books I am so glad I read.
    It was hard to read through with dry eyes.
    I cried.
    I was glad I read it [i]after[/i] I'd had children.
    It is a worthy cause indeed. Thanks again for bringing it to my attention once more.

  2. Oh, and happy birthday to your blog!! :)

  3. I will be back tomorrow to watch the video Jeanne. I need to go to bed soon but I just wanted to wish you happy birthday. Here's too another 20 years of blogging. Imagine having a 21st birthday party for a blog.

  4. Hi Jeanne

    I know that this has already been won but wanted to say that I really was going to comment but first it was lack of time and then it was trouble with the computer and then the deadline was over. Never mind. Still like to say that I thought the teatowel was a wonderful giveaway. It is a beautiful piece of art - useable art. Also Catherine Hamilton is an amazing woman and 'Hospital by a River' is a book on my more memorable list. I'm yet to read her new book, 'Catherine's Gift' - it is on my to read list. (And yes I did read your previous post about the teatowels. )

  5. Jeanne, my teatowel arrived and I love it! Thank-you, thank-you! :)


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