19 Jun 2012

10 nostalgic childhood meals

  1. Chicken cacciatore and rice
  2. Auntie Mary's lemon meringue pie
  3. Chow mien and rice with steamed dim sims
  4. Ice cream torte with hot fudge sauce
  5. Sunday roast lamb and trimmings
  6. Christmas dinner
  7. Marga's steak and veg on toast
  8. Lamb chops, peas, carrots and mash
  9. Minestrone soup and buttered French bread sticks
  10. Steak sandwiches with salad and lots of beetroot
  11. (Auntie Anna's roast beef and little individual Yorkshire puddings)
It's funny. Few of these feature on my menus nowadays. All of them are sublimely delicious in my memory.What are your childhood faves? Do you still cook/eat them? Have they stood the test of time or do some of your favourites sound as dated as mine?

PS All of them are a la my mum unless otherwise mentioned.


  1. Yummy! What a variety too! Hmmm... My mom's lentils, my grandma escarole's salad, any seafood prepared by my dad, specially octopus 'a la gallega', with boiled potatoes and paprika, garlic rabbit, white asparagus and veggie salad in a sandwich... I cook some but not all of those lovely nostalgic foods.

  2. Ooh, your childhood was much more exotic than mine! That sandwich sounds sublime. Especially with a good slop of pesto. Or hollandaise. Yum.

  3. Sorry about the pun but my comment got eaten. I may try later. I'm hungry now.

  4. My mom's fried chicken is fantastic. I just had some this past Friday. My grandmother's hamburger vegetable soup. Both my mom and I make this, but we agree it's not as good as Grandmother's was. Chicken and dumplings, which both grandmothers made and I never do. Sublime. Humble food, made with love, delicious.

  5. My mom was super busy and didn't cook much from scratch. I do remember spaghetti and how she force fed us a lot of sweet potatoes! ;) The best memory of her food that I have though is her famous green jello salad...it's definitely more of a dessert. It has pineapple, cream cheese, 7UP soda, green jello in it! I still have never been able to get it "just like" my mom did! I should try again! :)

  6. My mom is a fabulous cook, but the nostalgic meals were from my dad, and they were very simple. When my mom was away conducting VBS or whatever, he would cook either bacon gravy over toast OR hamburger gravy and mashed potatoes. He made a delicious sticky chocolate sauce for ice cream, and until he died a few years ago, he still made homemade ham and pineapple pizza after church on Sunday nights, whenever we came travelling home from several states away. As kids growing up in a parsonage, we often didn't have much, but we DID have toast and hot chocolate after Sunday night church on wintry nights, and snow cream during those blissful Sundays when we were snowed in and we knew no one would come to the door. We'd all stay in our pjs, play board games, read, and eat snow cream! Ok...you really got me going there for a bit!

  7. Being dairy farmers/ graciers most of our meals were beef. Roasts with all the vegies and corn meat with potatoes in their jackets and steak for breakfast (A good book title ;-). The big high light was curried chicken when dad butchered the hens that stopped laying. Although they were old and tough, Mum made this delicious dish using the pressure cooker. I don't make it quite the same but still love curried chicken.

  8. I was brought up with meat and 3 veggies! We never had Italian, Asian or Greek foods. But my Mum was very creative with the little we had. I adored her french onion chops, oh my they were so scrumptious! And Christmas lunch full of all the best meats, roast veggies and peas!

  9. my upbringing was in India so all we ate was Indian:) India of course has changed since I left so I don't think it's quite the same there!

  10. btw, my most nostalgic food would be Dosai (have you tried it yet), hmm, mouth watering even as I write it:)


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