17 Jun 2012

Hanging out

Have I told you recently how much I love hanging out with this kid?

Finding ourselves home alone this Saturday, just the two of us, we finally made Caramel Popcorn. It is, after all, only two years since I asked you all for a recipe. I am not known for rushing into things. Besides, we had to find some corn syrup. That took time. Then once getting it home and unpacking it, I lost it. As you do. Well, as I did anyhow. Discovering where I had hidden it took even more time. Can you see it there in the red labelled bottle? Karo, it is called. We found it originally in Safeway in Ballarat, in case you're interested. (Why is it that provincial Ballarat has a better supermarket than ours in Northcote? Why is this so?) The second time we found it at the back of the sauces cupboard. Yup.

We ended up using Sue's recipe from the comments in the post I linked above. The kid and I have great memories of munching on caramel popcorn with Sue and the kids and her friend Linda one day at Ueno Zoo. I don't know which of them made the popcorn, but it sure was good, and we figured that this might just be the very recipe.

We were going great guns until we came to the bit 'add baking soda' bit because ...ummm....Sue,...there is no baking soda in your ingredients list! We ended up adding half a teaspoon. Is that about right?

Anyway, it turned out perfectly. Yay! We were truly so excited!

Notice the left chipmunk cheek? There's popcorn hiding in there.

Of course, caramel popcorn requires huggles. And an open fire. And Movies.

And we ate it all up.Every bit. Well, except for those hard little unpopped kernels that break your teeth.

Ain't days like this the best? I love being a mum.


  1. Yep, days like that make all the hard days diminish away! Yummy fatty caramel popcorn! Great photos of Jemimah, but where is the lovely you? xxx

  2. I love days like that. That caramel corn looks great. I cant wait to try it. I'll have to find my karo syrup first! Haven't used it forever. Hmm wonder if it goes bad. I better check.

    Cindy Bee

  3. I must share this recipe with my son as he would love to give this a go and I own some of that corn syrup (Karo)!

    I also love being a mum.

  4. Gorgeous!
    Was she watching a show?

  5. That sounds delish! Karo syrup is everywhere here. Sorry you had difficulty finding it, but looks like the result was worth the effort!

  6. Great to see you thoroughly enjoying eachother! It doesn't get much better than that. Awesome.
    Butter Fly

  7. oh yay! Love this.

  8. yummy!
    yes, I've noticed the IGA in Ballarat has some nice yummy rice crackers that we love but can't get in the major supermarkets here! why is that!:)


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