11 Jan 2010

Top 10 of 09

AussieHomeschool has asked us to write a list of our top 10 posts of 2009. It sounds like a bit of fun, and it let me have a bit of a reminisce over the past year, so I decided give it a burl. Here are my top 10 of 09.

But first, what makes a top post? Is it the ones that you liked the best based on the number of comments or the number of views according to my stats, or it it the posts that I liked writing best? Well, I really don't know, so my final list is actually a bit of both. I hope you enjoy a look back into the year that was 2009.

Back in January I wrote about a typical homeschooling day in our peaceful home. It was fun to write, and gives you a bit of a glimpse into what you'd see if you visited on a hot summer's schoolday:

1.Beat the heat

In February I reviewed Australian author Geraldine Brooks book, Nine Parts of Desire, subtitled The Hidden World of Islamic Women. The book is her attempt to understand the women behind the veils, and the often contradictory religious and cultural forces that shape their identities as women. In this post I tell a little about our family's trip to Yemen in 2007 and take the opportunity to show you some photographs, as well as challenge you to search your own heart to see what in your beliefs, attitudes and actions toward Muslims is accurate or biased, compassionate and loving or fearful and angry. This post is one of the most visited of all my posts.

2.A desire to better understand

I loved the ego trip of telling you all the interesting things I could think of about myself back in February too.

3.25 random things about me!

February was the month I hosted the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival. Here it is in case you missed it. Lots of interesting links here as well.

4.Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival

In March I wrote a post called Charlotte and Geography, which my dear friend, Richele, tells me is my best post ever. I wonder if you'll agree? You'll find some Aussie living geography books here too.

5.Charlotte and Geography

I admitted my fetish for Pilgrim's Progress in March. Here's everything you ever wanted to know about choosing a version of this Christian Classic, and probably lots you didn't:

6.Negotiating a trail through

There are 31 comments on the post I wrote in June walking you through MEP, the free online maths curriculum developed by the CIMT - Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching - at the University of Plymouth in the United Kingdom. Lots of you are now using MEP based on my post. You can read it here:

7.MEP 101

I also told you all about our trip to Bhutan in June, but I'm running out of space in my 10, so you'll just have to go searching if you want to see those.

I had a bit of a lighthearted dig at superhuman homeschooling mums during the middle part of the year. There is a Part I and a Part II, so I'm going to list these two together, okay?

8a.My confession
8b.Not supermums, just mums

In November I wrote about keeping it real while you're blogging. Would your real-life friends know you from your blog? What happens when cyberspace and reality collide?

9.In real life

And so there is space for just one more. It's a recent one, this one, and its about Bad Books. The comments are as interesting as the post I reckon. Be sure to have a read of those while you're there.

10.Bad Books

And that's them. My favourite posts of 2009. According to me. What do you think? Do you agree with me? Is your favourite post there? Are you any that you didn't enjoy so much? Perhaps if you all told me your fave we could come up with the number one post for 09. That would be interesting...to me anyhow.

If you've enjoyed reading about my favourite posts maybe you'd like to prepare a list of your own and submit it to AussieHomeschool for us all to read. Don't forget to tell me about it as well though will you? That way I can link to them here as well!

And now on with 2010.

Susan's top posts are here...only she can't count to 10!
Amy's top 10 is here!


  1. That is a very good mix and a job well done! I do believe your hosting the CM carnival was my introduction to A Peaceful Day. I so loved your MEPS posts and we don't even use MEPS. I may have never traveled to Bhutan if it weren't for you.

    and...I check back often to read everyone's comments as they are interesting to the extreme as well.

  2. I agree. I think it is the comments (and the commenters)that maketh the blog, as a matter of fact. You are all so cool!

  3. Good chices, Jeanne. I also enjoyed the trip to Bhutan last year. I agree that interesting comments make the post even more so.
    Or couse, I love the book reviews and poetry!

  4. Choices, choices. All good choices!

  5. Hi Jeanne,
    Exzcellent choices - well done!

    Have a great week,


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